Enshrouded: How to Get Obsidian Ore

A guide on how to obtain and farm Obsidian Ore in Enshrouded

Enshrouded Obsidian cover

Obsidian Ore is a rare resource in Enshrouded used for making the Black Cauldron. Obsidian deposits can only be found in few spots in Embervale. Read ahead as we share the locations of where to mine Obsidian Ore in Enshrouded.

Obsidian Ore Locations in Enshrouded

Enshrouded Obsidian Ore Locations map
Obsidian Deposit Locations: Within Nomad Highlands (mapgenie.io)

So far, there are only three Obsidian Ore deposits that have been discovered in Embervale:

  1. A camp northeast of the Mining Rift; it can be accessed from the Nomad Highlands Ancient Spire and gliding to the west.
  2. At the peak of a mountain directly east of the Nomad Highlands Ancient Spire. Getting to the location can be accessed from the Northern Sun Temple or from the Ancient Spire with the help of the Updraft trick. The Obsidian deposit is hidden behind some layers of limestone where the camp was set up.
  3. South of #2’s location, on a lower level, is another camp that looks similar to #1.

To find Obsidian Ore, look for glassy black rocks embedded on the limestone.

How to mine Obsidian Ore

Enshrouded How to mine Obsidian Ore

Obsidian Ore is a very tough material to mine, so it is recommended to to have at least a Bronze Pickaxe to use for mining. Also, Obsidian nodes have small yields, ranging from around 8 to 12 pieces after mining the entire node. It is recommended to have Quality Gear, Miner, and Mason as skills in order to help with tool durability, yield amount, and mining speed.

To farm Obsidian Ore, you can simply place a Flame Altar near the area, making sure that the deposit is outside of the altar’s boundary. Then, simply log out and log back in (solo world, not multiplayer world) and the mined Obsidian deposit should respawn.

Obsidian Ore Uses

Currently, Obsidian Ore is used on only one recipe and it is to craft additional Black Cauldrons:

  • x3 Iron Bars
  • x2 Copper Bars
  • x2 Obsidian Ore
  • x15 Bonemeal

It is possible that Obsidian Ore will be used in other recipes in future updates, so for now, it is best to just have a good stock of ores just in case.