Enshrouded: How to Get the Scavenger Matron Head

A guide on how to obtain Scavenger Matron Heads in Enshrouded

Enshrouded Scavenger Matron Head cover

The Scavenger Matron Head is a boss drop in Enshrouded that comes from the Scavenger Matron, and it is also a crucial material in strengthening the Flame Altar. Read ahead as we share some tips on how to easily obtain a Scavenger Matron Head in Enshrouded.

The Scavenger Matron Head is a guaranteed drop from Scavenger Matrons regardless of their type (Gorger or Grizzler), with each defeated matron having one head. Like with many other enemies in the game, Scavenger Matrons can respawn after several in-game days have passed by, or after logging back in in a solo player world. Because of that, weaker Scavenger Matrons can be easily farmed for heads rather than the stronger ones in order to be able to craft the higher trophies much faster.

Scavenger Matron Locations in Enshrouded

Enshrouded Scavenger Matron Locations
Scavenger Matron Locations: Within certain enemy camps in Embervale (mapgenie.io)

Scavenger Matrons are often found in certain enemy camps throughout Embervale:

  • Hill of Scavengers
  • Fawnsong Frontier
  • Lupa’s Lair
  • Surat’s Rest
  • Ocean’s Heart

How to defeat Scavenger Matrons

How to defeat Scavenger Matrons

Scavenger Matrons spawn within enemy camps which are often full of scavenger enemies, so it is recommended to hunt down the weaker scavengers first before engaging with the matron. A legendary Helix wand can come in pretty handy.

There are two types of Scavenger Matrons, the Grizzler which summons more enemies, and the Gorger which can spit out acid. Either type can do melee attacks when in range, as well as do an acid throw attack as a long range attack. Although slow to move, Scavenger Matrons can chain their attacks in quick succession. With this in mind, quickly repositioning to avoid its attacks and find an open spot to counterattack is important, which is why it is recommended to deal with the smaller enemies first to clear out the battlefield.

Melee attackers can engage with the matron upfront as long as they can keep up with their dodges and reposition properly. Ranged attackers have it easier as they can simply find a high location and snipe with arrows or spells. Ranged attackers still have to be mindful of the acid throw attack as it can still hit if the matron manages to throw it properly.

Scavenger Matron Head Uses

Scavenger Matron Head is used as a material needed to strengthen the Flame Altar to level 3.

On the other hand, Scavenger Matron Heads can also be used to craft trophies with varying tiers and comfort scores.

ItemMaterials neededComfort
Scavenger Matron Trophyx2 Wood Planks
x1 Scavenger Matron Head
x2 Nails
+1 Comfort
Bronze Scavenger Matron Trophyx2 Wood Planks
x3 Scavenger Matron Head
x2 Nails
x1 Bronze Bars
+2 Comfort
Iron Scavenger Matron Trophyx2 Wood Planks
x5 Scavenger Matron Head
x2 Nails
x1 Iron Bars
+3 Comfort