Eversoul Codes (January 2023)

Get to know all the Freebies & Rewards of Eversoul for this month


Many mobile games have released a ton of rewards and additional bonuses for their players. Kakao Games has recently released its Eversoul codes for the month of January 2023. In this guide, players will know what rewards players will receive from these codes, how to use them and more, so read on.

All Eversoul Codes List

Below is the list of all the codes to date, including what rewards they will receive:

Eversoul Codes (Working)

  • EVERSOULOUTNOW – 5 normal summon tickets (Only For NA & EU servers)
  • EVERSOUL 5 normal summon tickets (Only for Asia server)

Eversoul Codes (Expired)

There are no expired Eversoul Codes.

    What are Eversoul Codes?

    Eversoul codes are freebies and rewards that players will receive from the game’s developers. These codes usually contain items that players can use in their future endeavors as they will face any main missions or events in Eversoul. Most of the released codes have no expiration date and codes like these don’t often reveal themselves.

    How to Use Eversoul Codes?

    To use these codes and redeem the rewards, players will need to do the following steps for Eversoul:

    1. Launch The Eversoul App
    2. Click on The Menu Tab
    3. Afterward, head to the Account tab
    4. Under The User Guide & Coupons section, click on the Coupon Code Box
    5. Input the Code for the Rewards and click Enter
    6. Finally, all the rewards will be given in the game through the Gift Box.

    Where to Get More Eversoul Codes?

    Players can check out the main website of the game or follow the social media accounts of Eversoul like Twitter or Facebook to check out any updates or free rewards they will receive.

    And that’s our guide on the Eversoul Codes.  If players are interested in more RPG content, feel free to visit our main page.

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