Eversoul Character Tier List (January 2023)


Eversoul is an app game for RPG players worldwide. It has released a lot of characters worth getting, not only for their designs and lore, but also for their skills and abilities. This guide will present the Eversoul Character Tier List for the month of January 2023, so read on.

What is Eversoul?

Eversoul is a new RPG game developed by Kakao Games who are known for their works in Guardian Tales, World Flipper, and even, HELLO BT21. Players must collect Souls and enjoy this stunning RPG in strategic epic battles. Using amazing anime visuals in the game, players can create and explore the world to interact with souls that are bursting with different personalities.

Eversoul Character Tier List




Catherine, Talia, Adrianne, Petra, Vivienne


Chloe, Nalah, Jacqueline, Dora


Soonie, Claire, Clara, Seeha, Prim, Mephistopeles, Jade, Rebecca, Miriam, Nicole, Cherrie, Mica, Aira, Linzy, and Violette


Irene, Nini, Erusha, Flynn, Pixie, Casper and Canney,

The table above is our top-tier characters, ranked for players to enjoy and understand as they progress through the game. Each character in Eversoul is defined based on their skills and abilities. There are characters that specialize as Defenders, Casters, Rangers, Strikers, and Warriors.

Eversoul Character S- Tier

S- Tier Eversoul Characters

  • Adrianne
  • Catherine
  • Petra
  • Talia
  • Vivienne

S-Tier means top and must-have characters in the game. In Eversoul, players should get characters like Catherine and Talia as they are considered the best supporters. During combat, keeping your party is a must and these characters have the best aptitude in not only healing but buffing up your party against challenging opponents.

Defenders such as Adrianne and Petra play an important role considering they are S-tier units. Technically they are cannon fodders and take any incoming damage freely to defend their allies. Not only that, the more damage they take, they can easily heal up and counterattack enemies.

Viviane is a unique caster in the game since she is one of the only few casters that can do an AOE-type attack from a distance and is able to penetrate enemy defenses from a certain range.

Eversoul Character A-Tier

A-Tier Eversoul Characters

  • Chloe
  • Nalah
  • Jacqueline
  • Dora

A-Tier represents those who are almost the same level as S-class but just need a few buffs to make them strong enough to face challenging enemies. If players don’t have any of the S-tier characters above, they can use these as substitutes. An example is that if players don’t have a good enough caster like Viviane, they can substitute her with Jacqueline as she is a Striker that strikes enemies single-handedly from the shadows.

Eversoul Character B-Tier

B-Tier Eversoul Characters

  • Soonie
  • Claire
  • Clara
  • Seeha
  • Prim
  • Mephistopeles
  • Jade
  • Rebecca
  • Miriam
  • Nicole
  • Cherrie
  • Mica
  • Aira
  • Linzy
  • Violette

In the game, B-Tier characters represent that they are not that strong but also not that weak. Meaning to say they are mostly comprised of abilities that either need strong buffs or defensive items to make them stronger. Characters like Prim have strong abilities in healing, but she lacks the ability to stay strong in combat as her defensive stats are low. To keep her alive in the game, certain defensive buffs and regenerative spells are required.

Eversoul Character C-Tier

C-Tier Eversoul Characters

  • Irene
  • Nini
  • Erusha
  • Flynn
  • Pixie
  • Casper
  • Canney

The C-Tier characters are probably one of the hardest characters to work with in Eversoul. Surprisingly, they are weak in terms of both offense and defense. Not only that, they are mostly used as cannon fodder for the team or as substitutes. Characters like Erusha and Pixie are hard to use even though they can deal damage to their opponents, they lack the ability to penetrate their speed and toughness. Players can try making these characters work, but it will be hard and pointless to do as it has some glaring issues in the kit.

And that’s our character tier list for Eversoul. We hope you enjoyed this guide. If players are interested in more RPG content, feel free to visit our main page.

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