How to Beat Eversoul Stage 8-35

Eversoul Stage 8-35 cover

Eversoul‘s Stage 8-35 have been proving to be quite a high wall for most players to overcome, regardless whether they are F2P or whale players. Not only is there a huge power spike from the opponent’s side, but their tanky composition and impeccable sustain is almost near impenetrable.

In this guide, we will be looking at strategies and compositions that can help complete Stage 8-35 of Eversoul, while also sharing some tips on how to optimize teams to ensure victory.

Stage 8-35 Opponent Composition

Here’s the enemy team’s composition for Stage 8-35 and what their role is in the team, from furthest to the screen to closest:

  • Clara – Supporter, concentrates more on healing and has a passive +20% DEF to all allies.
  • Sharinne – Warrior, off-tank damage dealer.
  • Adrianne – Defender, also heals and can disrupt by stunning and pulling the farthest enemy closer to her.
  • Linzy – Warrior, main DPS, can teleport to the backlines to assassinate ranged units.
  • Catherine – Supporter, buffer and shielder, can also heal allies.

This enemy composition has a total power of 135,585 and is stacked when it comes to upping defense and constant heals, while Linzy does her job of picking away the rest of your team.

Stage 8-35 Strategies

There are some strategies that have proven to be effective against the opponents in Stage 8-35. These strategies rely more on tactics and taking advantage of certain units’ abilities in the battle.

Divide and Conquer

This strategy was shared by YouTuber Kyrios Yuudai where these following units were used, from furthest to the screen to closest:

  • Rita – Defender
  • Claire – Defender
  • Vivienne – Caster
  • Jade – Caster
  • Talia – Supporter

All units have been leveled up to Lv.110 and on the Ranged formation with the two defenders on the top most positions, Vivienne in front, followed by Jade, then Talia at the bottommost position.

This strategy works out as your two defenders will be taking aggro of the enemy defenders and healers at the far right of the screen, while Linzy jumps at the far end to deal damage to Jade, thanks to one of its skills. This makes it so that the team essentially cuts off the enemy healers from sustaining Linzy, making it easier to to take out their main DPS that can potentially whittle your team if left to survive.

Sustain Disrupt

This strategy was also shared in Kyrios Yuudai’s video where the team takes advantage of Rebecca’s ability that can put a debuff on enemies to lower the healing that they receive by half. Here’s the composition, from furthest to the screen to closest:

  • Chloe – Defender
  • Petra – Defender
  • Vivienne – Caster
  • Rebecca – Ranger
  • Talia – Supporter

This composition is on the Basic formation. Despite all units being only at Lv.98 with almost half the CP compared to the enemies, this composition managed to claim victory. It works best if the main DPS, in this case is Vivienne, has a higher ATK than Rebecca so that she can dish out bursts while keeping Rebecca safe from Linzy’s ability.

Disrupt by Sleep

This strategy is shared by YouTuber KokkyGachas which managed to win in Stage 8-35 with mostly level +80 units and a borrowed Naiah. Here’s the composition, from furthest to the screen to closest:

  • Naiah – Caster
  • Chloe – Defender
  • Vivienne – Caster
  • Clara – Supporter
  • Talia – Supporter

This composition is on the Basic formation. The units are mostly just around Lv.81 with the exception of the borrowed Naiah that was at Lv.120. Regardless of that, Naiah’s ability to make enemies asleep for 4 seconds at a 50% chance proved to be helpful as this disrupted not only the healers, but also the defenders. The advantage of this composition is that there’s less effort to level up the units, but it then relies on RNG for it to work. The good new is that you can make an attempt how many times you like.

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