How to Reroll in Eversoul

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Eversoul is the newest mobile game developed by Kakao Games. In Eversoul, players are put in a world that is being invaded by monsters that are going through a mysterious gate. Players, also known as Saviors, can get help from heroic Souls, however due to how long it has been that peace ruled over the land prior to the invasion, most of the Souls’ memories and powers have been long gone. It’s now up to the Savior to help the Souls remember who they were so that they can get back to their powerful selves.

Infinite 10-pull

Being a gacha game where pulling a very strong character right at the start is very advantageous, rerolling is a common practice and is something that most veteran gacha players do. Thankfully, Eversoul is generous as the game is giving away a free 10-pull for every player. This first 10-pull can be soft-rerolled, which means that if you don’t like your first pull, you can reroll and do it indefinitely until you find the units that you want.

Infinite 10-pull - Eversoul

This soft-reroll is has a set rarity count per roll, with all rerolls guaranteed to get 1 Epic character, and around 2-3 Rare characters. After locking in your free 10-pull, you can then proceed with the rest of the game and do the regular rolls that cost in-game currency called Everstones. There are pre-reg and new game bonuses available for all players which provide enough Everstones to do another 10-pull plus a few more rolls, and this is where rerolling comes in.

How to Reroll in Eversoul

How to Reroll

Before anything else, right immediately after downloading the game, it’s recommended to start the game as a guest player first. This way, it will be easier to just delete the guest account as part of the rerolling process, and then just completing the account bind once the preferred characters have been obtained. This reroll process is relatively easy as it does not require uninstalling and reinstalling the game.

Step 1: Log in as a Guest

As mentioned before, this reroll process works best when signing up as a guest first, then binding the account later.

Step 2: Play the game and complete Prelude Chapter 5

After completing Prelude Chapter 5 which is still part of the tutorial, you’ll be taught about the game’s gacha mechanics. This is the part where you’ll be pulling your infinite 10-pull to look for your first Epic character.

Step 3: Continue playing the game until you get access to the mailbox

Complete a few more chapters and you’ll be able to explore the lobby of the game where you can get access to the in-game mailbox. Go to the mailbox and collect all the freebies which should give you around 3,000 Everstones.

Step 4: Do another 10-pull

Use your Everstones to make another 10-pull. You’ll have some Everstones left to do a couple more pulls, so go ahead if you wish.

At this point, if you are already satisfied with the characters that you’ve pulled, you can skip to Step 7. Otherwise, continue to the next step.

Step 5 (Optional): Continue playing the next chapters to get more Everstones

This step is optional, but if you want to maximize your chances per reroll, then getting the reward Everstones from completing the next chapters will allow you to do more pulls.

Step 6: Withdraw your account to reroll

If you’re not satisfied with your pulls and want to reroll, then go to the Menu (upper right), then Settings (lower right). Then go to Account and press Withdraw. This will bring you back to the home screen where you can log in as a new guest and do the previous steps again.

Step 7: Bind your account

Once you’re satisfied with your pulls, you can then bind your account. Go to the Menu (upper right), then Settings (lower right). Then go to Account and press Link Account. Then you can select the social media account that you want to link your Eversoul account to.

Check out this video by GuitarRock First showing how to reroll in Eversoul:

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