Evil Dead The Game Developers Explain How Single-Player Missions Work

The developers also explain how they inserted the game's story to the Evil Dead Universe smoothly.

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Saber Interactive explains how the single-player missions will work on upcoming video game Evil Dead The Game.

Evil Dead The Game: How Single Player Missions Work

According to developers Tim Willits and Craig Sherman in an interview with Slasher Radio via Bloody Disgusting, there are two ways to play the game. The first one is the main core of the game, which is taking on the role of the survivor fighting against the demon. The other survivors will be manned by the computer and also the demon.

There is another way where players could learn more about the world of the Evil Dead. Players can take on side missions or the single player missions, which are just a few of them. This is not comparable as a single player campaign, but it does give players a chance to dive deeper into the lore of the franchise, The Evil Dead.

Completing these side missions will unlock some characters and some skins. It also gives players access to the Knowby Recordings, which has all of the lore that fans would want to sink in.

How The Developers Inserted the Game to the Evil Dead Universe

For fans, the name Knowby is well known since this is the last name of Professor Raymond Knowby. He was the one who found the infamous Necronomicon and brought it back to the cabin to translate. Just like from the movies, he translates it and records his findings.

The first recordings are just him at first, talking to himself. The next few recordings include his daughter, Annie. She also explains what is going on during his father’s work. The next recordings after these are not from the movies as the developers are now inserting their own version. They are now adding their own lore in order to add the game to the Evil Dead Universe.

The story continues where Professor Knowby accidentally summons the demon. His wife, Henrietta, gets possessed as a result and becomes a deadite. The developers modified this part where the professor uses the book and actually finds Ash, the one they call the Hero from the Sky. He tries to summon Ash, but instead he also summons his friends to the cabin. And this is how Ash and his friends start in the game.

Evil Dead The Game will launch on May 13, 2022. It will be available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.