How to Unlock Amanda Fisher in Evil Dead The Game

Amanda Fisher is an unlockable character in Evil Dead: The Game. Here's how to unlock her and gain access to her unique Hunter class abilities.

Unlock Amanda Fisher Evil Dead The Game Featured

Evil Dead: The Game gives you a set of characters to play as each with their own set of abilities. Some characters are unlockable and you have to unlock Amanda Fisher in Evil Dead The Game if you want to gain access to her unique Hunter class abilities. Here’s how you unlock this Michigan State Detective from Evil Dead: The Game.

How to Unlock Amanda Fisher in Evil Dead: The Game

You have to complete the single-player mission “Kill ‘Em All” to unlock Amanda Fisher in Evil Dead: The Game. This is the third single-player mission which tasks you with killing every Deadite in the map instead of playing any objective.

It’s important to know that Chapter 3: Kill ‘Em All is a time based mission. You have 12 minutes to kill every Deadite in the map before the mission automatically fails. In this mission, you’ll play as Ash from Army of Darkness and will move throughout the map clearing Deadite infestations. After you’ve cleared the last infestation, you’ll unlock Amanda Fisher as a playable Survivor.

This isn’t the only single-player mission in the game. You’ll first have to complete the first two chapters before “Kill ‘Em All” in order to unlock this mission. Read our article on Evil Dead The Game Developers Explain How Single-Player Missions Work to learn more. Amanda Fisher isn’t the only unlockable character in Evil Dead: The Game. Read our Evil Dead The Game Survivors – All Playable Survivors, Classes and Abilities guide to learn every unlockable Survivor and their abilities.

How to Complete Chapter Three in Evil Dead: The Game

Here are the steps to complete Chapter Three: Kill ‘Em All mission and unlock Amanda Fisher in Evil Dead: The Game:

  1. Gather Supplies
  2. Get In The Car
  3. Destroy Deadite Infestation Areas

Kill ‘Em All is more like a marathon mission. You’ll the chapter with a car and some decent weapons. There are several Deadite Infestations in the map which you’ll have to drive to and eliminate. After you’ve eliminated the last Deadite Infestation area you’ll unlock Amanda Fisher as a playable Survivor.

Gather Supplies

While you only have twelve minutes to complete Chapter Three, take a minute or two to look around the first area for some supplies before you get in the car. There are ammunition laying around and several items which can be helpful in long term survival throughout this chapter.

Get In The Car

Once you’ve gathered everything you need, get inside the car. The locations of each Deadite Infestation areas will automatically be marked so you know where to go. Use the car to drive through the map as the track in between locations can be pretty long.

Destroy Deadite Infestation Areas

Deadite Infestation areas are combat zones where you’ll have to kill a certain number of Deadites to proceed. You’ll have a counter of how many Deadites to beat before you clear each zone. You’ll be fighting against the Puppeteer for this chapter. Read our Evil Dead The Game Demons – All Playable Demon Abilities, Strengths, & Weaknesses to learn more about this demon.

There are three Deadite Infestation areas in this map and each have demons to encounter. Our Evil Dead The Game Maps, Points of Interest & New DLC Map article will help you get more familiar with the map.

First Deadite Infestation Area

In this area, you’ll be fighting Deadite Berserkers. Be careful when fighting the Deadite Berserkers as they explode in electricity when on low health. Keep your distance when fighting them. You need to kill 12 of them to proceed.

Second Deadite Infestation Area

In the second Deadite Infestation area, you’ll be fighting against Demi Eligos in addition to Deadite Berserkers. Enemies will come at you in waves. In the first part, you’ll fight against Deadite Berserkers before you’re faced against Demi Eligos and its clones in the last part. Keep light on your feet as Demi Eligos uses lightning if you stand still for too long on the same spot. You need to kill 9 Deadites including Demi Eligos to proceed.

Third Deadite Infestation Area

The last Deadite Infestation area will pit you against Eligos himself. Eligos is powerful and can chuck rocks at you which deal some damage. Keep an eye on his animation casting and dodge out of the way. Eligos loves to teleport around the area and he will summon a few Deadite Berserkers to aid him against you. When you have the chance, attack Eligos with melee. He will often stop momentarily after his attack which leaves an opening You will need to kill 4 Deadites including Eligos to proceed.

How to Unlock Amanda Fisher in Evil Dead: The Game

After you’ve completed Chapter 3: Kill ‘Em All you’ll unlock Amanda Fisher along with other rewards.

Amanda Fisher Survivor Abilities

Amanda Fisher is a Hunter class Survivor who relies on ranged damage. Her perks and abilities revolve around her gun which makes her a reliable marksman of the group. She can even fire her weapon temporarily without the use of ammunition…somehow.

Amanda Fisher can start the match with a pistol. Her perks allow this pistol to do increased damage to health, dismemberment, and balance against enemies. Each consecutive hit allows her to be even more deadly. Here are all Amanda Fisher’s abilities:

  • Ammo For Days (Active Skill) – Allows you to temporarily fire your weapon without using any ammunition.
  • Trusty Sidearm – Start the match with a Pistol.
  • Weapon Master: Pistol – The Pistol has faster attack speed and deals increased health, balance bar, and dismemberment damage.
  • Accuracy Counts – Damage dealt by your weapons increases with each consecutive hit.

Amanda Fisher is great for putting foes out of balance and lacking a few limbs. If you need a good marksman, then this Michigan State Detective is an excellent pick.

That’s our guide for how to unlock Amanda Fisher in Evil Dead: The Game. If you really liked this guide, consider checking out our other Evil Dead: The Game content to get ahead of the curve.

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