EVO 2022 To Be Held in Las Vegas and In-Person

Players will be in-person to join the tournament and win.

The organizers behind upcoming EVO 2022 have announced that the next event will be held in Las Vegas next year.

EVO will be back to Las Vegas yet again and this time around it will be an in-person tournament just like the old days according to its official Twitter account. It will start on August 5 and will last until August 7, 2022.

This year, the whole tournament was held digitally and it did not match the excitement of an in-person tournament. Next year, it will be different for every fan because now it will be held on location physically. Hopefully, they will have proper health protocols in place since we are still in a global pandemic.

EVO 2022 is coming back to Las Vegas and it will start on August 5, 2022. A few months ago, Sony Interactive Entertainment and RTS jointly acquired EVO.