Exoprimal Alpha Variants: Everything You Need to Know About the New Exosuits

Exoprimal Alpha Variants Featured Image

Exoprimal’s Title Update 1 is going to bring some exciting changes to the brand-new Dinosaur extermination game. In this article, we’ll talk about all the new Exosuit Alpha Variants coming to Exoprimal in the near future. This includes their official descriptions according to Capcom and our own interpretations of what they bring to the game.

But before all that, a round of congratulations is in order. Recently, the Exoprimal account has announced that over one million players have joined the wargames. This is quite an impressive milestone for the new team-based shooter IP. In commemoration, a free Skywave skin will be included when Title Update 1 goes live.

Exoprimal Title Update 1 Release Date

Title Update 1 for Exoprimal is set to release on August 16, 2023. Newly three weeks away as of the writing of this article. The huge update will bring in 10 Exosuit variants. But they aren’t just adjustments to the current line up. The Alpha version of Exosuits are drastically different from the suits in the roster. When the update goes live, the roster of Exosuits will essentially double in size.

All 10 of the Alpha Variant Exosuits each have a new playstyle, weapons, abilities, and new armor to compliment their new moves.

Exoprimal Alpha Variant Exosuits

Deadeye Alpha: Burst Fire

Description: This Deadeye features a shotgun with a short-range spread that switches to a five-shot burst when aiming down sights. This pair of mechanisms offers ways to attack the enemy from any distance.

This Deadeye variant ditches the assault rifle for a shotgun. This gives the Exosuit a lot more crowd control potential against waves of enemies. When things require a ranged approach, you can change to burst fire mode to shoot 5-shot bursts on distant targets. We’re pretty sure this is more exciting than it sounds.

Zephyr Alpha: Energy Chakram

Description: This Zephyr shoots energy halos from the chakram on its arms to team through faraway foes. Its attack power increases when at a suitable range, so make sure to maintain your distance from the enemy.

Supports rejoice. The Zephyr player on the team doesn’t have a need to rush in and die anymore. This variant prefers to keep first at a distance. In fact, he is most powerful when the enemy is just about to be out of reach.

Roadblock Alpha: Fortress Shield

Description: This Roadblock can place energy shields and comes with an arm-mounted shotgun that fires waves of buckshot. The shield on its arm can draw enemy attention, then burst take out surrounding foes before recovering.

Gone is the shield bash and say hello to the shotgun to the face. We don’t know how different it’ll be but we’re guessing it’s going to be better than holding a shield for the entire match. Also, from the looks of it, this Roadblock is even more tankier than the regular one.

Witchdoctor Alpha: Duality Beam

Description: This Witchdoctor fires energy beams that heal allies and harm foes on hit. Shower a target with this beam to incrementally increase recovery or damage dealt, respectively.

This Witchdoctor is done jumping around, waving their staff, and hoping their allies secure the kills. In a sense, you’re sacrificing the ability to AoE target and are now capable of dealing massive amounts of focused single-enemy damage. Given enough time, of course. We’ll have to see if damage and healing scaling are half-way decent.

Barrage Alpha: Rocket Hop

Description: This Barrage comes equipped with a rocket launcher that can be charged to deal more damage and generate larger explosions. Charged rockets boost outstanding destructive force and you can also use the blast to jump higher, allowing you to attack from the air.

This version of Barrage loses his ability to move around like Demoman and is now taken up Soldier’s rocket launcher instead. If doesn’t have the ability to blow himself up with a poorly timed rocket then we’ll be disappointed.

Vigilant Alpha: Marksman

Description: This Vigilant employs a semi-automatic rifle for a barrage of single-fire projectiles. In addition, one out of every few shots packs an extra punch. This variant is easier to maneuver than the standard Vigilant, offering versatility in a variety of circumstances.

Vigilant’s glow-up has more to do with the Western-themed outfit than the weapon changes. We’re sure of it. Jokes asides, it doesn’t look like Vigilant is losing much in the DPS department. It’s no longer focused on one target but spread across multiple shots. We don’t yet the kinds of movement tech they have for this Vigilant, but we’re guessing it’s not going to be a dodge roll.

Murasame Alpha: Frost Glaive

Description: This Murasame comes with a freezing counterattack. Guarded attacks turn into energy, which can be unleashed in ground-based waves of ice that freeze enemies in their tracks, opening them up for attacks.

We’re quite excited about what this means for Murasame players going forward. Not only is this version going to be strong against small dinos, but it’s also going to wreak havoc against larger ones. Especially tanky ones like the Triceratops. You’ll still need near-perfect timing to get the most out of this Murasame but that’s nothing new.

Skywave Alpha: Thunder Clap

Description: This Skywave calls down lighting from above to paralyze foes. You can charge a targeted, high-powered bolt as well, letting you choose between hampering enemy movement or focusing on offense.

This is the Alpha variant that we have the most information on currently. In a recent interview, it is revealed that this Skywave switches between an offensive move set and a supporting one. Similar to that of Nimbus. The biggest difference here is that Skywave can charge up attacks, stunning enemies in the process. This can leave allies vulnerable for a while. You really need to know when to switch to damage mode and healing mode if you want to succeed with this variant.

Krieger Alpha: Charge Shotgun

Description: This Krieger makes use of a chargeable shotgun, offering wide-range scatter shot as well as compressed fire options. Compressed fire not only ends small dinosaurs flying, but will damage other foes they collide with.

Kind of sounds like a knockback attack where it’s just going to push enemies back into each other. This Krieger appears to be Assault-like as it takes the fight to the enemies instead of him being the team’s tank. But isn’t that always the case? This variant appears to deal more with crowd control than the regular variant.

Nimbus Alpha: Double Barrel

Description: This Nimbus uses two types of shotguns for offense and recovery. Projectiles have a sizeable spread, and their true value is displayed when you dive in and unleash the whole volley at close range.

This variant takes the idea of a combat medic to the extreme. With this setup, you are asked to stay as close to the action as possible to do your job as the team’s healer while simultaneously keeping the hordes away from your team. Nimbus was already one of the best at what she does, this variant is even more active at the job.

And that’s everything we have on the Alpha Variant for Expoprimal right now. We’re sure that more information about them will be released the closer we get to Title Update 1. The most exciting part of the update is the prospect of not only getting new weapons but also new abilities. And with these abilities, it seems likely that we’ll get new modules added to the game. Hopefully, during Title Update 1’s release.

Exoprimal is out now on PlayStation, Xbox Series X|S, and PC (via Steam). It is also available on Xbox Game Pass.