Exoprimal Confirmed Online-Only Game; Release Date Revealed

Another game confirms its constant need of internet connection.

CAPCOM has recently confirmed that Exoprimal will be an online-only game. The release date and more info were also revealed during the recently-concluded CAPCOM Spotlight.

Exoprimal Needs Constant Internet Connection

During the CAPCOM Spotlight showcase, Exoprimal was featured. The developers revealed various new details including the release date, the open beta dates, and more. Unfortunately, one of the most dreaded and unwanted features has creeped into this upcoming game, the constant internet connection feature, which is required in order to play the game. No internet connection, you cannot play the game even with single player mode. This might not end well for the game.

This particular feature was also required in a recently reported delayed game, Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League. After being poorly received by fans during the PlayStation Showcase, Rocksteady has decided to delay the game, which could mean they will be changing some things and possibly removing this particular feature. This could also happen to Exoprimal soon after this got spotted.

Release Date Confirmed

Other than that, CAPCOM confirmed that the game will launch on July 14, 2023 and will be available on PC via Windows and Steam, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Day One on Xbox Game Pass, PS4, and PS5.

Standard and Deluxe Edition Details; Preorder Bonuses

Preorder Bonuses

Players can now pre-order the game today which will have bonuses to get. Three Exosuit skins will be made available at the beginning of the game which are Bush Camo (Witchdoctor), Shark’s Mouth – Gray (Deadeye), and Stone Golem (Roadblock). Digital Download Versions will get the bonuses right away while physical copies will have a voucher code that will be provided by the retailer.

Standard Edition

  • Exoprimal main game

Deluxe Edition

  • Exoprimal main game
  • Head Start Kit
    • • Exosuit Early Unlock Tickets
    • – Vigilant Early Unlock Ticket
    • – Murasame Early Unlock Ticket
    • – Nimbus Early Unlock Ticket
    • • Exosuit Skins
    • – Paladin (Vigilant)
    • – White Guardian (Murasame)
    • – Wonderland (Nimbus)
  • Limited Time Bonus Survival Pass Season 1: Premium Tier
    • • Exosuit Skins – 19
    • • Weapon Skins – 10
    • • Decals – 3
    • • Emotes – 4
    • • Stamps – 2
    • • Player Tag: Emblems – 10
    • • Player Tag: Backgrounds – 1

Survival Pass Details

The game has a Survival Pass, which is the same as a Battle Pass. There will be two tiers, the Free and Premium Tiers. It includes various bonuses that can be earned by playing the game. The Free tier has a few items to earn like logos, and a few skins while the Premium tier has tons of cosmetics to earn.

Open Beta Schedule

There is also an Open Beta Test that will start on March 17 – 19, 2023. No specific details on this yet, but CAPCOM promises to share more in the coming days.