Reports Suggest Fable Not an MMORPG


After the reveal of upcoming video game Fable on Xbox Games Showcase, people were suggesting that it could become an MMORPG. Two insiders say otherwise.

Still cracks me up.

Two reliable Xbox insiders have reported that the upcoming video game will be an MMORPG for the Xbox Series X. One of those insiders is Jez Corden and he posted on his personal Twitter account that it will be an action RPG with some limited online elements for cooperative gameplay.

The other insider is known by the name Klobrille. According to him, the game is an open-world action RPG. He strongly suggests that people would stop labeling the game as an MMORPG game as he thinks it is nonsense.

Playground Games, the developers working on this upcoming game, has not given any statement yet, so it is a total mystery. Hopefully a representative will clarify this soon or else the gaming community will implode with more speculations.

Fable will be a next-gen title coming to Xbox Series X and PC. Check out the short trailer here.

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