Fallout 76 Introduces Aliens that Invade Appalachia

Aliens have arrived and they do not look friendly!

Bethesda Entertainment has recently announced a new addition to Fallout 76 and it is related to aliens.

In the latest update of the online video game, Appalachia has gotten some mysterious alien visitors that randomly pop up. This is a limited time event that players can enjoy.

Players will be able to spot alien beings and wandering UFOs in random encounters all over Appalachia. While this seems to be quite the wonderful encounter for the people living in this land, it seems the aliens have other plans and they are not friendly. In order to stop them, players are advised to team up with friends to quell these invaders with the best gear they can muster.

Aside from this out-of-this-world experience, Season 8 offers a new game board to explore and unlock with Vault-Tec and Abraxodyne Chemical behind it. Players can get cosmetics, currency, consumables, and many more as they gain more SCORE. Players can also bulk purchase ranks if they want to rank up multiple levels at once.

Fallout Worlds also got a new update, which is to gain SCORE from daily and weekly challenges. The repeatable challenges will still be locked in Fallout Worlds though.

Lastly, the new update adds new settings for PvP, V.A.T.S, C.A.M.P. placement, and more.

Fallout 76 is now available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.