Fallout 76 Season Pass-Style System Confirmed Free For All Players

Fallout 76

Game company Bethesda Game Studios took to its official social media account to clarify Fallout 76 Season Pass-Style system.

Fallout 76 Season Pass-Style system information clarified

After Bethesda revealed the new system that the game will get later on, some of the fans were confused and unsure of what the company discussed. They did not know if this system will be free for everyone in the long-term, but now the game company has come forward with some new information.

Taking to its official Twitter account, Bethesda clarified that the Season Pass-Style system will be free for all players of the game. They did say that those who subscribed to Fallout 1st will get some bonus rewards in the future.

The company has apologized for the confusion. They are also looking forward to the feedback from the gaming community.

The game is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.