Fallout 76 To Get New Update Called Wastelanders With First NPCs

Fallout 76 Duchess

Game company Bethesda recently revealed that online multiplayer Fallout 76 will be getting a huge update called Wastelanders.

Fallout 76 Wastelanders update coming soon

Wastelanders will add more weapons, enemies, and locations to the game. The most awaited feature though is its first-ever batch of NPCs. Players will finally get to engage in dialogue with characters that are not controlled by other players.

Two of these new NPCs were recently detailed by Bethesda. Duchess and Mort are two NPCs set up at a resting stop and watering hole called The Wayward. This is one of the many examples of new inhabited locations that will be appearing as Appalachia’s population grows. Duchess is The Wayward’s owner and proprietor, while Mort is her most loyal customer. With the two inside the shop, they are pretty-well equipped to deal with things around The Wayward.

Bethesda hinted that the inhabitants of The Wayward will likely be one of the first new story missions added by the Wastelanders update. Players that will arrive at the place will be asked to find out who those people are and what they are up to.

Inside Vault 76, players will meet two other new NPCs called Lacey and Isela, who will lead them right to The Wayward. Mort is an expert explorer who can share a lot of insight on the surrounding areas. Bethesda’s goal with the implementation of Wastelanders is to make Appalachia feel more alive. They have also promised that Duchess and Mort are just the first two out of many new faces in the game.

The full game is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Wastelanders will launch sometime in 2020.

Source: Official Website via GameRant