Fallout Fan Shows Massive Collection of Memorabilia

The collector even has several replicas of armor and weapons.

A huge fan of Bethesda’s Fallout series has recently shown off a room that houses a massive collection of memorabilia.

TikTok user The Fallout Collector has recently come out to showcase a massive collection of his awesome memorabilia and merchandise from the game series. It is inside a whole room and the walls are lined with all of them from top to bottom. Any fan worth of its gaming salt/sweat will feel overwhelmed when they see all of videos that the user uploaded on this TikTok account.

The Fallout Collector looks to have it all from figures, stuff toys, costumes, posters, big busts, weapon replicas, standees, helmet replicas, and so much more. He even has Nuka Cola bottles and a Nuka Cola stool. His car even has the Pip-Boy app.

There are replicas in his room like the T-51b power armor helmet, a replica rifle, tons and tons of lunch boxes, and so many more.

The Fallout Collector might not have ALL of the collectibles from the series, but it is still an impressive collection of items that any fan of the series must have. Some even pay a lot of money to get that specific item to add to their collection and this guy might have paid a lot too in order some of these rare stuff.