FF7 Rebirth: How to Pressure and Stagger Fonadu

FF7 Rebirth How to Pressure and Stagger Fonadu

FF7 Rebirth has a variety of enemies, each with unique weaknesses and battle strategies. One particular challenge arises during the World Intel called “Fiend Intel 1: Cacophonic Corvid” located in the Junon region, where players must face off against Fonadu. Unlike many other enemies, Fonadu does not cave in easily to traditional elemental weaknesses, requiring players to take on a specific strategy to pressure and stagger it.

How to Pressure and Stagger Fonadu

Fiend Intel 1 Cacophonic Corvid Location - How to Pressure and Stagger Fonadu in FF7 Rebirth
Fien Intel 1: Cacophonic Corvid World Intel Location (Where to Find Fonadu)

To pressure Fonadu, start by dealing as much damage as you can. Your goal is to provoke Fonadu into using a special attack called “Death from Above.” This is an unblockable move, which can be identified when you see a red exclamation mark. As the “Death from Above” attack launches, dodge it. Successfully avoiding this attack will immediately pressure Fonadu, making it an easy target to further actions.

How to Pressure and Stagger Fonadu in FF7 Rebirth

Once Fonadu is pressured, the next goal is to stagger it. Use melee attacks, Wind magic, and skills built to generate Stagger, like Cloud’s “Focused Thrust.” Continuously attacking Fonadu in its pressured state will fill its Stagger bar. Keep unleashing attacks until the bar is full, and Fonadu will be staggered.

Having an Assess Materia equipped is also handy. It allows you to view Fonadu’s weaknesses and other critical information for just one ATB charge. Make sure to assess every enemy like Thunderclaw, including Fonadu, for unlocking certain combat simulator challenges.

Make sure to also use your Synergy Abilities wisely. While pressuring and staggering Fonadu, synergy abilities and specialized stagger damage can shorten the process. However, save your Limit abilities for after completing other objectives to avoid accidentally defeating Fonadu too soon.