FIFA 22 added to list of FREE games to play on PlayStation Plus in May

FIFA 22 has become the latest game that will be available to play for free on PlayStation Plus this month and as you can imagine, there will be feverish excitement for it.

May is set to be a busy month for PlayStation Plus fans as they can already play Tribes of Midgard, which is a mortal combat game as well as Curse of the Dead gods, which is also an all-action thriller style of game. Sometimes, the odd PlayStation VR game is available too to play.

But now it seems that FIFA 22 is set for the PlayStation Plus treatment and for those who have spent countless hours playing the popular franchise, this represents excellent news.

FIFA 22 has various amazing game modes. It enables players to create a dream squad in the Ultimate Team, design their own club in Career Mode, as well as enjoy the local online player mode. With the new ground-breaking next-gen HyperMotion technology that has been installed, this is perhaps one of the biggest innovations to have been carried out by the game’s developers, EA Sports.

Indeed, FIFA 22 is so life-like, and to a certain extent, the video game reflects what is going on the pitch across all of Europe’s top leagues, and we have become accustomed to watching some of the biggest stars, including Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Erling Haaland, deliver on a regular basis.

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So, yes, with FIFA 22 coming to PlayStation Plus, you can expect an upgrade in the gameplay and for those who have played FIFA on PS4 and PS5, then they will have a great time playing FIFA 22.

FIFA 22 has already been well received and it is garnered some strong ratings from critics, and with FIFA, you generally know what to expect.

This is, of course, exciting times for FIFA 22 and PlayStation Plus fans. To play FIFA 22 for free on PlayStation Plus, you will need to register for a PlayStation Plus membership, where you can sign up for a month or commit to a 12-month deal.

Whether FIFA 22 lives up to the hype on the PlayStation Plus remains another thing, but when you can play it for free, it seems too good an opportunity to turn down.

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