Final Fantasy VII Remake Nomura, Kitase Shares Graphics Direction, Obstacles, Message

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The visuals of a video game is one of the features that many gamers would want to see beautiful, extravagant, realistic, and just breathtaking. In video game Final Fantasy VII Remake, fans see their original game come to life with new graphics technology incorporated with it. Game director Tetsuya Nomura shares what kind of graphics they used in this iteration.

Final Fantasy VII Remake visuals is not complete realism

Nomura revealed that for the graphics of FFVII Remake, the development team did go for photorealism in general, however, they did not go for complete realism. There was a reason for choosing that option, which was making use of symbolic caricature elements. The original did that very well so they chose to incorporate that in the remake as well. They wanted to keep the realism at the level where the fans would also feel the original.

Mental remakes were big obstacles

Game producer Yoshinori Kitase shared some of the difficulties that they experienced in remaking certain scenes in new version. Fans have favorite scenes in the original, which have been “beautified” in their minds. This became the development team’s biggest hurdle because they wanted to make sure that when they remade such memorable scenes, it would be as close as what the fans reimagined it. Since most of their staff members were big fans of the original game, this cleared the hurdle and gave respect to the original game

Message to the fans

Kitase said that he is relieved that he and the rest of the team were able to deliver the remake that many fans have waited for 23 years. On its own, the game can be played without worry, but the story will still go on for the next part. He shared that the remake has shown players many possibilities for what is going to happen next and many hints were left behind. He hopes that many fans will begin speculating on what will happen next on social media in particular. They are hoping that they will grow together with the project while talking with the fans.

Nomura’s message to the fans is that the remake does not overwrite the original version of the game. He clarified that the original is the original, and the remake was only possible because of the original. He is hoping that the fans of the first version will be able to appreciate what the remake has, which is one part new and another part nostalgic. Just like Kitase, he said that while this is the first of many parts of the series, he still thinks that this first title is one entire game on its own.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is now available on PlayStation 4.

Interview source: Frontline

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