Final Fantasy VII Remake: Reasons For Creating New Version

Final Fantasy VII Remake Tifa

One of the key members of the upcoming video game Final Fantasy VII Remake, producer Yoshinori Kitase recently talked about the reasons why the remake had to be done.

Final Fantasy VII Remake was for the fans and Kitase

The upcoming game is the most anticipated title this year due to the fact that many old school fans have been asking for a remake for a long time. Game company Square Enix has teased (or more liked trolled) the fanbase a few years ago with bringing the original version on PlayStation 4, but after a while they finally gave in. They announced that they were developing the remake and everyone was delighted.

Kitase revealed one of the major reasons why the Remake was created, which was the intense desire from the fan base and many media as well. Everyone was clamoring for it to happen and eventually it finally happened.

The other reason for the Remake’s creation was surprisingly Kitase’s desire to see the game come to life with the latest technology today has to offer. The development team wanted the younger generation of gamers experience the game as well with improved visuals and mechanics, but with the same story and elements from the original.

Here is what Kitase stated:

The strong desire from the fan base (including many media!) was one reason, but another big reason was that I also wanted to see Final Fantasy 7 come to life once more with the use of the latest cutting-edge technology. To this day, Cloud ranks No. 1 in Final Fantasy character popularity polls, but younger generations interested in the original story only have the option of playing the original game with the original PlayStation graphics. By delivering the latest Final Fantasy 7 experience to the younger generations, we hope the game will be loved for another few decades to come.

Kitase also revealed that stories, characters, and lore were the key elements that make a game regardless of what generation we are in right now or its origin. Visuals, game design, technology, and trends can change, but the former elements will stay the same and it could even surpass time.

Final Fantasy VII Remake will launch this coming April 10 exclusively on PS4. Also check out what happens to the message the game entails in this version here.

Interview source: The Washington Post

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