Final Fantasy VII Remake Wrong Version Copies Refunded By Sony Asia

Final Fantasy VII: Remake Cloud

Game company Sony Interactive Entertainment Asia will be refunding gamers who bought Final Fantasy VII Remake, but got it with the wrong language.

Final Fantasy VII Remake copies with wrong language versions refunded

Asian PlayStation Stores usually have two or three different versions of a title due to the different languages it comes with. Sometimes these titles get bugged and it causes confusion to the ones who are buying. This happened to FF7 Remake, which got swapped from the English/Japanese to the Chinese/Korean versions instead.

Sony has now issued refunds for those who got the wrong copies of the game before April 8 at 3 PM JST. Gamers who have an open support case can get their refunds processed into their PlayStation wallet right away. They can still keep the wrong version of the game even after they got their refunds.

The game is now available exclusively on PlayStation 4.

Thanks Ungeek, Siliconera, VG247. Source: Official Website