Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker Launch Plagued with Long Queue times and Game Errors

They now call logging into the servers as Savage difficulty.

There have been reports of players having problems logging in after the launch of Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker expansion.

Everyone is so excited of the Endwalker expansion launch for the popular MMORPG, but like any other game, it is bound to have issues along the way. After waiting for a few hours, thousands of players are made to wait in login queues as several error codes have popped up for some reason and has prevented them from accessing the servers they prefer to join in.

Two of these errors are the common ones, which are Error code 2002 and 5006. These are caused by connection issues while players are in the character select menu. The servers are also quite busy to even process the login requests due to the sheer amount of players trying to log in.

Several players took to social media to post their experiences during the “plague of errors and login queues.” Some complained that they were lining up for an hour or two, only to be bumped back farther the line.

Some players have even compared their experience to the game’s most challenging content, which is Savage.

Unfortunately, these errors appeared since there has been a surge of player logins after the hype of Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker expansion. Also, several players from other MMORPGs have jumped to this game, some of them popular streamers.

Final Fantasy XIV is now available on PC, PS4, and PS5. The Endwalker expansion is out now. Want to know more about Error 2002? Check our guide here to know all the details.