Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker Error 2002 – How to Fix It?

How to fix lobby server connection error in Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy 14 Endwalker Error 2002

The long awaited Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker is finally upon us and brings a lot of exciting new content into what is probably one of the best MMORPGs that ever existed. Typically with so many people wanting to play the game, you shouldn’t be so surprised when launch date winds up being a mess.

When logging in to Final Fantasy XIV, most players are getting the error: “The lobby server connection has encountered an error“. While it’s certainly fun to have a lot of players in the game, what isn’t fun is waiting for long periods in the queue. Not all of us have all day.

It becomes even less fun as many players have reported getting Error 2002 for Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker after waiting for a long period to even get in the servers. If you’re looking for a way to fix this issue, you’ve come to the right place for advice.

Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker What Is Error 2002 and How to Fix it

It’s normal to experience problems when something as popular as Final Fantasy XIV gets a big update like Endwalker. If you’ve been frequently waiting for long queue times only to get the Error 2002 and kicked out, you’re understandably frustrated.

This is especially so with a subscription based MMO like Final Fantasy XIV giving you the Error 2002. You may feel like you’re wasting valuable time and money as you can’t get into the fun grind of Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker on your free time. To be able to get past Error 2002, we first need to learn what it is.

Final Fantasy XIV What is Error 2002?

The lobby server connection has encountered an error, also known as Error 2002, happens when a server gets filled with too many players, you’ll find yourself having to wait for longer periods of time. And that’s not something you want to do.

Error 2002 happens the Data Center you’re playing on far surpasses the 17,000 players maximum limit. The Square Enix servers are loaded with too many players in the game. In short, you’re experiencing high levels of traffic.

The problem with Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker is that it is too popular which is what causes Error 2002. Once the players have gone past the threshold of what is acceptable, the servers give them Error 2002.

Final Fantasy XIV Error 2002 Fix

There is no real way to fix Error 2002 to in Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker. That doesn’t mean you can’t play on launch week however. There are ways you can get past a long queue time.

Log In During Weekdays

We recommend that you login during the weekdays where a lot of people are either at work or school. If you have some free time over the weekdays, you can take advantage of it and login first to bypass the long wait periods.

Don’t Login Spam

You’re wasting your time by frequently trying to login and hoping you’ll get lucky. Frequently logging in when the data centers are overcrowded will most probably result in frequent Error 2002 after a long wait period.

Wait Until Next Week

Final Fantasy 14 Endwalker Error 2002

Final Fantasy XIV Yoshida has already apologized in advance for the issues that Endwalker may cause. So Square Enix is most likely already aware of the issue. You’ll probably get a better chance to login during the next week if you’re willing to wait that long.

All we can do at this point is hope that Square Enix adds more servers for Final Fantasy XIV. With how popular the game is, there is no way they aren’t aware this might happen during Endwalker’s release.

It is an unfortunate issue, but it’s sadly nothing we players can truly do about unless we’re willing to switch to more available data centers and start anew.

You Can’t Switch Data Centers to Avoid Error 2002

Or more accurately, you won’t be able to carry your progress if you switch data centers. If you’ve spent hours on a character on a particular data center you won’t be able to transfer that character over to another world.

You also won’t be able to transfer your character into another world until you’ve logged into the world you’re already in. So unless you’re okay with starting fresh, you’re really going to be encountering the Error 2002 in Final Fantasy XV Endwalker.

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