Final Fantasy XVI Length – How Long to Beat FF16?

Discover how long it takes to beat Final Fantasy 16 from the main story content to 100% completion and how much time is needed to complete each chapter.

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When it comes to long JRPGs, Final Fantasy XVI is part of a franchise known for its considerable game length. For most people, it can take days to finish a Final Fantasy game however, with Final Fantasy 16 becoming more linear and action-packed, the game length this time around can be different than its predecessors. Since so many elements have changed with FFXVI, just how long will it take to beat it?

In this article, we’ll answer just how long to beat Final Fantasy XVI from the main story content to 100% completion.

How Long to Beat Final Fantasy XVI?

The average time to beat Final Fantasy XVI is around 40 hours, which includes doing the main story and side quests. The main story alone will take around 35 hours to beat. If you’re looking to 100% FF16, then it’ll take around 70 hours.

Final Fantasy 16 is a single-player game with no multiplayer content. However, it does have a New Game Plus mode that unlocks after beating the game once. To platinum FFXVI, you need to complete the game in this mode and on the new “Final Fantasy” difficulty. So you’ll have to beat the game twice on a harder difficulty if you want 100% completion.

Since Final Fantasy XVI is no longer turn-based like most of its predecessors, combat encounters are noticeably shorter since you don’t have to wait for your turn. If you have a powerful weapon like the Gotterdammerung, you can breeze through combat easily without taking too much time. You can even completely avoid damage in boss fights, which is required to get one of the FF16 trophies.

On your second playthrough of FFXVI, it may not take as long as the first since you don’t have to go through tutorials and learn the mechanics of the game again. You can also skip through cutscenes without missing any context of the story, which will drastically reduce the time needed to complete Final Fantasy 16’s New Game Plus mode.

Thanks to the Final Fantasy 16 review copy we got from Sony, we know how long it takes to beat FFXVI. Compared to its predecessors, Final Fantasy XVI is about the average game length expected for a Final Fantasy game.

Final Fantasy 16 Length

Final Fantasy 16 has 68 chapters, which can vary in length. Some chapters will only take around 20 minutes, while others can take up to an hour to complete. Here are all the FF16 chapters you’ll need to go through to beat the game:

  • Chapter 1: A Flame Summoned
  • Chapter 2: To Kill a Dominant
  • Chapter 3: Pride
  • Chapter 4: Sunrise, Sunset
  • Chapter 5: Lost in a Fog
  • Chapter 6: Flight of a Fledging
  • Chapter 7: A Chance Encounter
  • Chapter 8: Hide, Hideaway
  • Chapter 9: Fanning Embers
  • Chapter 10: Louder Than Words
  • Chapter 11: The Dead of Night
  • Chapter 12: Headwind
  • Chapter 13: Wings of Change
  • Chapter 14: Awakening
  • Chapter 15: The Wages of Guilt
  • Chapter 16: The Hunter and the Hunted
  • Chapter 17: Homecoming
  • Chapter 18: Building Bridges
  • Chapter 19: A Bearer’s Lot
  • Chapter 20: Holding On
  • Chapter 21: Back in the Day
  • Chapter 22: Buried Memories
  • Chapter 23: The Meaning of Life
  • Chapter 24: Righting Wrongs
  • Chapter 25: The Dame
  • Chapter 26: The Crystals’ Curse
  • Chapter 27: Cid the Outlaw
  • Chapter 28: Home, Sweet Home
  • Chapter 29: The Gathering Storm
  • Chapter 30: Dark Clouds Gather
  • Chapter 31: Release
  • Chapter 32: Bloodlines
  • Chapter 33: Black Light Burns
  • Chapter 34: Black or White
  • Chapter 35: Here Be Monsters
  • Chapter 36: Fire and Ice
  • Chapter 37: After the Storm
  • Chapter 38: Capital Punishment
  • Chapter 39: Bolts from the Blue
  • Chapter 40: Getting to Work
  • Chapter 41: Riddle of the Sands
  • Chapter 42: Follow the Crystals
  • Chapter 43: Into the Darkness
  • Chapter 44: Out of the Shadow
  • Chapter 45: Letting Off Steam I
  • Chapter 46: Letting Off Steam II
  • Chapter 47: Letting Off Steam III
  • Chapter 48: Onward
  • Chapter 49: To Catch a Thief
  • Chapter 50: Blood from the Stones
  • Chapter 51: Fire in the Sky
  • Chapter 52: Things Fall Apart
  • Chapter 53: Why We Fight
  • Chapter 54: The Flames of War
  • Chapter 55: Down the Rabbit Hole
  • Chapter 56: Cloak and Dagger
  • Chapter 57: Evenfall
  • Chapter 58: A Song of Hope
  • Chapter 59: Like Father, Like Daughter
  • Chapter 60: Full Steam
  • Chapter 61: Through the Maelstrom
  • Chapter 62: Across the Narrow
  • Chapter 63: Footfalls in Ash
  • Chapter 64: The Last King
  • Chapter 65: Brotherhood
  • Chapter 66: Streets of Madness
  • Chapter 67: Back to their Origin
  • Chapter 68: Of Gods and Men

While Final Fantasy XVI is a more linear experience compared to its predecessors, you can go back to previous locations to finish side quests you haven’t already completed. However, once you start Chapter 67: Back to Their Origin, you can only move forward. Chapter 67 is the point of no return, so you may want to complete everything before starting it.

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