How to engrave weapons in Fire Emblem Engage

Strengthen your weapons by engraving in Fire Emblem Engage.

Constantly improving your equipment is necessary which is why it’s so important to engrave weapons in Fire Emblem Engage. Engraving can provide a significant stat buff to a specific weapon which makes it more deadlier. Of course this mechanic can be new even to old veterans of the Fire Emblem franchise.

Here’s a guide that will teach you how to engrave weapons in Fire Emblem Engage.

How to engrave weapons in Fire Emblem Engage?

Engraving weapons can be done on the Smithy in Somniel. Fire Emblem Engage introduces a new mechanic of allowing you to engrave the power of an Emblem to a weapon for at least 100 Bond Fragments Choose an Emblem Ring that will provide the specific stat boosts you’re looking for to engrave that weapon with.

Keep in mind that you can only engrave weapons in Fire Emblem Engage once. So you need to choose carefully which unit and their weapon you want to engrave. While it will usually cost about 100 Bond Fragments to engrave regular weapons, higher rarity weapons will cost more at 250 Bond Fragments per engravement.

Each Emblem Ring will provide their own unique stat buffs to a weapon they engrave which can be along the lines of increased physical damage to reduced weight. You’ll have more options as you collect Emblem Rings on your journey.

Engraving weapons will be available after completing Chapter 5. You will not be able to do so any earlier until then. You’re better off spending time learning how to collect Bond Fragments that you’ll need to engrave each weapon until this mechanic becomes available to you.

How to engrave weapons in Fire Emblem Engage

Be sure to choose carefully which weapons you want to engrave in Fire Emblem Engage. Since they cost Bond Fragments which are also used for forging Bond Rings and deepening the bond with Emblem Rings. They’re an important resource that can be used for multiple things.

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