Fire Emblem Engage Chrom, Robin, and Veronica Gameplay Revealed

Launching later today!

Nintendo recently released new information about Fire Emblem Engage DLC Emblem characters like Chrom, Robin, and Veronica.

The first character is actually a pair of characters, Chrom and Robin called the Emblem of Bonds. These two characters combine Chrome’s swordsmanship and Robin’s magic powers and tactics against their enemies.

Chrom and Robin have the Sync Skill which is a Surprise Attack. It prevents enemies from counterattacking when initiating attacks from terrain with evasion bonuses. Their Engage Attack is called Arcthunder Sword which attacks enemies with a sword combined with magic power.

The Engage Skill is called Other Half which allows Robin to follow up with a Chain attack when players start an attack. The Engage Weapon is the classic Levin Sword, which will allow players to attack from a distance with lightning magic.

Chrom and Robin will have the same mechanic as Edelgard, Dimitri, and Claude’s bracelet. They are considered one Emblem.

Veronica gets a new trailer and details revealing that she is a support-type emblem that can improve a character’s damage potential. Her Synchro Skill will activate when a character is not in full health. This will then increase the character’s attack by 30 percent and based on how much health they have lost.

Veronica’s Engage Weapon is called the Hliðskjálf which prevents an enemy from counterattacking when players attack them. The best characters to use this weapon are the ones who have low defense or slow speed. She also has the Contract skill that allows a character to attack after moving once, but they cannot move from that spot.

Lastly, Veronica has an Engage Skill called Summon Hero that allows her to randomly call a hero unit on the battlefield. Players can control the unit but it was not clear if she can only summon Emblems.

Fire Emblem Engage is now available on Nintendo Switch. Wave 3 DLC launches today.

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