Fire Emblem Engage Third DLC Batch to Arrive Soon

Chrom, Robin, and Veronica help out the Divine Dragon!

Nintendo has recently announced that the Fire Emblem Engage third DLC batch is finally launching soon.

The third DLC batch for Fire Emblem Engage is launching next week, March 8, 2023. It will include Chrom/Robin and Veronica as Emblem characters in the game. They will reside in bracelets instead of the usual rings that are the default in the main game.

Chrom/Robin and Veronica can be unlocked via the Divine Paralogues islands of the game just like the previous Emblems that were released. Players who bought the $29.99 expansion pass can get these new Emblems after reaching a certain point in the game’s story. Chrom and Robin will have one bracelet while Veronica has her own.

fire emblem engage third dlc batch

While some speculate that this will be the last batch of DLC Emblems joining the game, others are hopeful that more will get added especially their favorite characters from other Fire Emblem games.

The last and fourth DLC will be a new storyline that is said to bring new characters and classes to unlock. No word yet on which specific date this will be released, but it is slated for 2023.

Fire Emblem Engage is now available exclusively on Nintendo switch.

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