Fire Emblem Warriors How To Recruit Byleth

A guide to get Byleth to join your ranks in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes

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Byleth is one of the most iconic characters in the Fire Emblem Three Houses game. Not only this person is strong but he/ she is the main character of the game and has their own skills that make them very strong.

In Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes, Byleth is considered to be not only a boss battle mission but also an unlockable recruit in joining your party. However, depending on which faction you join in FE Warriors: Three Hopes, the requirements for each of them are different. Though the requirements for it are hard to do, the reward is worth it as not only do players get Byleth to join your party but also, a new secret route mission will be unlocked in doing so.

How to Unlock Byleth in Scarlet Blaze Route

Among the 3 factions, the Black Eagles’ requirements to unlock Byleth is really difficult as not only does it require to use of certain strategies to do so but also side missions are required to complete the goal.

To unlock Byleth recruitment strategy, players must do the following in the Chapter 12 mission:

  • Unlock the Resonant Lightning strategy.
  • Use the Resonant Lightning strategy at the start of the battle.
  • Help and Rescue the Engineers and complete all their side mission objectives.
  • When Byleth appears, ignore the side objectives and beat them.
  • Lastly, defeat Alois and Rodrigue to finish the mission, thus unlocking Byleth and Jeralt.

How to Unlock Byleth in Azure Gleam Route

Though it may look easy to do, the Blue Lions has the highest number of requirements to unlock Byleth. Like what happens in the Scarlet Blaze Route, players must conquer territories and find the Ambush strategy in the Menja territory.

These are the following requirements to do in Chapter 12:

  • Unlock the Ambush Strategy in Menja Territory.
  • At the beginning of the Chapter 12 mission, start the Ambush Strategy.
  • Avoid detection from mercenaries. Use the all-out defensive on the player’s main base. Follow the green arrows on the map to carefully avoid detection and conquer strongholds. If the mission succeeds, a new main objective will be open titled, “Defeat Fleche.”
  • Once a new side objective mission opens titled, Defeat all mercenaries and stop them from entering your main base, do this mission immediately then defeat Fleche afterward.
  • Once Byleth appears, ignore him and directly go and defeat Randolph. Use the Go-All out option on Randolph. Once accomplishing this, Byleth and Jeralt will be added to your party. 

How to Unlock Byleth in Golden Wildfire Route

Personally, for me, the easiest route to do to unlock Byleth is found in the Yellow Deer route. Chapter 10 is where Byleth is unlockable. It is mindful though that it’s best for many to make sure to start Shez with full awakening and warrior gauge to make it fast to accomplish this goal.

The requirements to unlock Byleth are as follows:

  • Complete the main objectives by capturing enemy strongholds and gathering info.
  • Defeat Alois and Yuri once they appear. (First, defeat Alois quickly as soon as he has low health, he will try to flee or escape the battle. Afterward, Defeat Yuri. Persuading Yuri to join is an option that players can do as well)
  • Assist Claude in his advancement and capture the strongholds.
  • Once Byleth appears, he will pursue Claude immediately. Ignore him and directly assist Claude to the exit point.
  • Complete the mission without facing Byleth and you will unlock Byleth and Jeralt to be added to your party. 

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