Firmament Achievements Guide & How to Get Them

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Firmament is the latest game from storied game studio Cyan Worlds. The game takes players across three realms and beyond on a journey of intrigue and mystery. Along the way, they are going to solve a number of environmental puzzles on their way to “Awaken the Embrace”. Your guiding light along this journey is your Mentor who is responsible for teaching you the ways of the Keepers.

In this Firmament Achievements guide, we’ll tell you what you need to do in order to unlock the vast majority of the Achievements. You can potentially get all but 4 achievements in your first playthrough of the game.

Please be warned that the following list may spoil some elements of the story. Consider this your SPOILER ALERT.

There are 28 achievements to earn in Firmament. 24 of these are achieved through story progression. While 4 are hidden at the moment. We will update this article once we know what those are.

Firmament Achievements List

  • All Worlds Must Collide: All Worlds Must Collide
  • Awakening: You were Awakened in the bunker
  • Bunker Raiser: Raised the starting bunker
  • Swan Soiree: Visited The Swan for the first time
  • St. Andrew’s Grand Entrance: Visited St. Andrew for the first time
  • Smooth Operator: Picked up an ice block with the HUG
  • Ice Crusher Extraordinaire: Crushed some ice in Curievale
  • Curievale Spire Riser: Raised spire in Curievale
  • Tether Me Not: Got the Distance Extension upgrade
  • Socket to Me: Got the Concatenated Socketing upgrade
  • Juleston Jaunt: Visited Juleston for the first time
  • Skiff Puzzle Savior: Added the missing piece to the skiff puzzle in St. Andrew
  • Juleston’s Soaring Tower: Raised spire in Juleston
  • Force Multiplier: Got the Amplified Force upgrade
  • Elevator Enthusiast: Accessed the elevator in the conservatory in St. Andrew
  • Robot Rodeo: Called the Camelus for the first time
  • St. Andrew’s Heavenly Pillar: Raised spire in St. Andrew
  • St. Andrew’s Embrace; Engaged the Embrace in St. Andrew
  • St. Andrew’s Great Drain: Lowered the water in the reservoir in St. Andrew
  • Juleston’s Embrace: Engaged the Embrace in Juleston
  • Juleston Liquid Reduction: Lowered the water in the reservoir in Juleston
  • Suited Up: Solved the dive suit puzzle in Curievale (trigger when you get to the airlock at the end)
  • Furnace Firestarter: Powered the furnace in Curievale
  • Curievale’s Embrace: Engaged Embrace in Curievale
  • Unknown Achievement
  • Unknown Achievement
  • Unknown Achievement
  • Unknown Achievement

You will be given a majority of the achievements after completing puzzles. They always trigger immediately after solving them. The list can give you an idea of many puzzles there are to solve in the game. Almost all of them are cleverly designed. With the exception of one particularly frustrating underwater puzzle.

You also get achievements for visiting the realms for the first time. Don’t worry about getting lost. Progression is determined by the right upgrades on your Adjunct. There is no chance of you going into a puzzle that you are supposed to be in at that moment in time.

There are three upgrades in the game, each of which expands the functionality of your Adjunct. There’s no need to talk about what each does for you. All you need to know is that you will unlock an achievement after acquiring them one by one.

After you’ve gotten all the upgrades available in the game, you will be given another set of tasks. They can be tackled in any order if memory serves us right. But you will be getting achievements for awakening the Embrace in that specific realm.

And finally, you will get an achievement for starting the game and seeing the story through to the end.

And that’s everything we have for this Firmament achievements guide. Please take your time and enjoy everything the game has to offer. Especially its story. And you won’t appreciate the gravitas of what it entails if focus too much on the puzzle-solving aspect. the story really carried the game.

Firmament releases today on multiple PC platforms with a PS4 and PS5 release slated for some time in the future. It will support PSVR on release.

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