For Honor Celebrates Halloween with Monsters of the Otherworld Event

Game company Ubisoft has recently announced the newest event for video game For Honor celebrating the Halloween season.

Starting today, the game will have the limited-time Halloween event Monsters of the Otherworld and will be available for all players. They will have to face their fears in the Endless March and Spooky Slashers for the chance to unlock exclusive limited-time content. The event ends on November 12.

The event will start with the Endless March, which is a variant of the Dominion game mode. In this mode, the minions will be replaced by powerful skeletons and will be available starting today until November 5.

From November 5 to November 12, Spooky Slashers will be available. This is a game mode where players will capture zones to gain special buffs, which can be used to slay the frightening demons that are lurking throughout the map. Getting killed will make players lose their buffs, so they should be wary of their surroundings.

The loot that will be earned in these new game modes will be Halloween-themed from the previous 3 Halloween events throughout specific dates. There are also exclusive themed rewards that are lootable from random drops at the end of all matches during the entire event. These include Battle Outfits and a terrifying new Effect. They can also buy the exclusive Executions and Effects inspired from Frankenstein’s Monster as well as previous years’ rewards.

For Honor is now available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Official Website

Here’s the spooky trailer: