All Forspoken Voice Actors and Cast – English and Japanese

You may be interested to know who the Forspoken cast and voice actors are. Developed by Square Enix’s Luminous Productions and with script writers for Uncharted and Rogue One also being involved in the game’s production, there’s a lot of promise when it comes to talent working behind the scenes. However those in front of the scenes

English Forspoken Cast and Voice Actors

  • Ella Balinska as Frey Holland
  • Johnathan Cake as Cuff
  • Janina Gavankar as Tanta Sila
  • Aylam Orian as Daniel
  • Kaela Settle as Johedy
  • Michelle Bonilla as Lisa
  • Lianna Liew as Lauren
  • Pollyanna McIntosh as Tanta Prav
  • Monica Barbaro as Auden
  • Kendal Rae as Tanta Cinta

The above are the complete list of the English Forspoken cast and voice actors.

Main protagonist, Frey Holland, is based on her voice actor and performance captor, Ella Balinska. Ella previously had work starring as Jane Kano in Charlie’s Angels and was even nominated for the National Films Award UK for the role. You may also recognize her as Jade Wesker from the 2022 Resident Evil series.

Cuff, Frey’s sentient talking magic bracelet, is voiced by Johnathan Cake. Johnathan having an extensive background in TV shows such as the Shade in Stargirl and Dr. Joseph Mengele in Our of the Ashes. You may have seen him in Desperate Housewives as Chuck Vance.

Forspoken antagonist, Tanta Sila, is being played by Janina Gavankar. She previously played the role of Amita in Far Cry 4 and Sinmara in God of War Ragnarok. Janina was the motion capture actor for Iden Versio in Star Wars Battlefront 2 with the character’s likeness being based on her.

Japanese Forspoken Cast and Voice Actors

  • Umeka Shoji as Frey Holland
  • Satoshi Mikami as Cuff
  • Yu Sugimoto as Tanta Sila
  • Rica Fukami as Tanta Prave

The above are the complete list of the Japanese Forspoken cast and voice actors available at this time.

Compared with the English version of the game, the Japanese cast have more experience in voice acting than starring in shows. Umeka Shoji lends her voice to main protagonist Frey Holland, who also voiced Hilda Henriquez in God Eater 3 and Josette Capua in The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky the 3rd.

Satoshi Mikami voices Cuff, Frey’s sentient talking bracelet companion. Satoshi previously voiced Higgs in Death Stranding and Revolver Ocelot in Metal Gear Solid V. The game’s antagonist, on the other hand, is voiced by Yu Sugimoto who played the role of Yumi Miyamoto in Detective Conan and Catherine in Gintama.

Forspoken cast and voice actors

That’s the list for the Forspoken cast and voice actors in both English and Japanese. For more on Forspoken, check out our other articles:

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