How to Get the Son Goku Skin in Fortnite

Now's the time to turn Super Saiyan!

How to Get the Son Goku Skin in Fortnite

Players can now purchase the Goku skin from the Fortnite x Dragon Ball Super collaboration, which features his recognizable Saiyan forms and, of course, an anime visual style that retains his iconic look. Even more intricate skins of famous characters in Dragon Ball are available, but for now, here’s how you can get your hands on the brand-new Goku Skin in Fortnite.

How to Get the Son Goku Skin in Fortnite?

To obtain the Son Goku Skin in Fortnite, you will have to purchase it from the Fortnite Item Shop in-game, and it comes at the following prices:

  • Goku Skin – 2,000 V-Bucks
  • Goku & Beerus Bundle – 2,700 V-Bucks

Considering the aforementioned costs, the Goku & Beerus Bundle might be the best option, as it allows you to acquire both skins along with their cosmetics for a total of 2,700 V-Bucks. There are three distinct Super Saiyan looks included with the Goku skin: the normal Super Saiyan, the blue Super Saiyan, and the Perfect Ultra Instinct variant.

Anytime during a match, players can use the skin’s in-game Charging Up Emote to quickly change their appearance. Take a look on all the styles for Goku’s skin below:

Players that invest in the Goku & Beerus Bundle will additionally gain access to the following cosmetic items:

  • Power Pole (Nyoibo) Back Bling
  • Power Pole (Nyoibo) Pickaxe
  • Goku’s Charging Up Emote
  • Beerus Outfit
  • The Seer Fish Back Bling
  • Power Unleashed Loading Screen

Definitely worth it compared to purchasing the skin alone worth 2,000 V-Bucks. We’re unsure when Goku and the other Dragon Ball cosmetics will be removed from the Item Shop, so it’s probably best to get them before September 17, when the Fortnite and Dragon Ball crossover is set to formally conclude.

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Also check out this video by Bestics – Fortnite on his Son Goku Skin In-game Showcase in Fortnite: