Fortnite Sith Holocron Location

Learn the location of the Sith Holocron in Fortnite.

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Players are looking for the Fortnite Sith Holocron location. Epic’s collaboration with Star Wars has left many of the Empire’s assets flowing into the island. Learn where you can find the Sith Holocron in Fortnite.

Where to Get the Sith Holocron in Fortnite?

The Sith Holocron can be picked up in the Rave Cave landmark. You need to first pry open the five shipping boxes in correct order inside a storage room before you can pick up the Sith Holocron.

How to Get the Sith Holocron in Fortnite?

  1. Go to the Rave Cave location northwest of the island and Tilted Towers
  2. Go the ground level and explore the right side of the building facing south
  3. Enter the room by crouching under the half-open metal shutter
  4. Pry open the first three shipping boxes on the right side using your pickaxe
  5. Then pry open the remaining two shipping boxes on the left side of the room
  6. Pick up the Sith Holocron which spawns after prying open the last shipping box

Once you’ve picked up the Sith Holocron, the Scientist will be alerted of you picking it up. You can hear the Scientist contact Amie about the shockwave and you’ll overhear their conversation.

Fortnite Sith Holocron Location

Vader has already made his way into Fortnite. It was only a matter of time for the Dark Lord to arrive after sightings of Obi-Wan had been reported by the Imperial Stormtroopers. Despite the Empire cannon fodders’ eyesight not be particularly trustworthy.

So what exactly is a Sith Holocron and why is it important? For those who aren’t too into the Star Wars lore, a holocron is a device used to store information. Both Sith and Jedi have their own distinct designs with the Jedi holocron being cube shaped and the Sith’s being a triangular pyramid.

Acquiring the Sith Holocron is one step closer to keeping the island safe from imminent threats.

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Check out this Youtube video from EveryDay FN showcasing the conversation between The Scientist and Amie after taking the Fortnite Sith Holocron.