Fortnite XP Maps – Insane XP Glitch Exploits and Island Codes

A guide for all the Fortnite XP Glitch Map Codes and how to exploit an insane XP glitch that will quickly level up your Battle Pass.

Fortnite XP Maps

Fortnite XP Maps are custom made maps being exploited by players to level up their Battle Pass as quickly as possible. These custom made maps have given the rise for insane XP glitch exploits in Fortnite that many are abusing. We’ll teach you how to do the same thing on Fortnite XP Maps.

The start of Fortnite Chapter 3 introduced a new era of XP glitches that players have been exploiting to quickly level up their Battle Pass for rewards. At the end of Chapter 2, Epic Games have decided to introduce the Accolade Device an Item in Creative mode which allows players to play custom made maps.

The very moment Epic enabled the Accolade Device, players have quickly found ways to exploit these custom made maps for XP farming. All players really had to do was complete a series of tasks to get free XP. Some players have created custom made maps that were specifically designed for handing out XP like they were candy.

This exploit was reaching its very peak until the developers got wind of it and quickly disabled the feature before Chapter 2 even ended. It’s been quite some time, but the Accolade Device has been reenabled again in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2. While you can still use it for XP farming, there are going to be risks involved.

On this guide, we’ll teach you the codes for the Fortnite XP Maps and explain how they work. We’ll also talk about the possible consequences of using this exploit.

Do You Get XP in Creative Mode Fortnite?

Yes, you can gain XP from playing Creative Mode in Fortnite. By taking advantage of the Accolade Device, you can create your own custom maps which give out XP or participate in other custom made maps designed by other players to hand out XP.

The XP you gain from Creative mode has led to the birth of the Fortnite XP glitch maps that players exploit to level up their Battle Pass.

How to Use the Fortnite XP Maps?

You’ll have to input the codes for the correct Fortnite XP Maps into the Accolade Device that are designed to give you XP. All you have to do is complete a series of tasks that the map entails and you’ll get your free XP by following these steps:

  1. Launch Fortnite
  2. Once in the Lobby, go to the Discovery Selection screen
  3. Go to the Island Code tab
  4. Input the Island Code and press Play to confirm the map
  5. Go back to the Lobby and press Play to load into the map
  6. Alternatively, you can load into the Welcome Hub and then simply go to one of the Featured Islands to input the Island Code there

You’d have to know the right Fortnite XP Map codes first though. There are several that exist that managed to slip by Epic’s notice, but they might be gone soon. If you’re looking to level up your Battle Pass as soon as possible, then you might consider using them.

What are the Codes for the XP Farm in Fortnite?

Here are the codes for the XP Farm maps in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 you can use:

  • 5332-6321-3240
  • 8143-5110-7203
  • 0100-7302-4578
  • 4331-5438-4924
  • 4716-1068-8202
  • 3611-2125-1702
  • 3927-8422-7996
  • 0570-5645-8757
  • 4949-1124-8678
  • 7808-5308-1999
  • 1634-7762-6555

These XP Glitch Map Codes up above might be discovered by Epic Games soon and removed after a certain period of time.

How do Glitched Fortnite XP Maps Work?

How do Glitched Fortnite XP Maps Work?

Before these XP maps can make their way for everyone to use, Epic Games’ employees have to first approve of them. When a custom map is submitted, they often check for how much XP are given for individual maps. If it crosses a certain threshold, the map is rejected entirely.

However some players can get really creative. There are those that place hidden switches on the map that Epic employees fail to locate. This results in them adding the map to the creative list allowing them to become XP Glitch maps that players exploit. This is a useful way for levelling up the Battle Pass to earn those sweet rewards.

Is XP Farming Bannable in Fortnite?

Yes, there is a possibility that you’ll be banned for XP farming in Fortnite. But so far, using the XP glitch maps are generally safe. There have been players that were banned temporarily for exploiting the XP farming glitch these maps have, but those are few in number.

If you want to be completely safe, we’d advise against using the XP Glitch maps entirely. Or you could potentially limit your use of them. As long as you’re not blatantly advertising that you’re cheating on Epic’s servers, you should be relatively safe.

What Is the Fastest Way to Gain XP in Fortnite?

The fastest way to legitimately level up your XP is by completing quests in Fortnite. Every week of the Season has a new set of quests for you tackle giving you a good range of XP. Some of them can give you 20,000 XP and even more by participation.

They can be quite simple to, with some asking you to simply use the Ascender zipline. With the Star Wars even going on, we’ve even created a guide for the Fortnite May the 4th quest you may be interested in.

Fortnite XP Maps

That’s our guide for the Fortnite XP Maps. We hope this guide really helped you out. Be careful when using those glitch XP maps. If this guide really helped you get ahead of the curve, then please consider checking out our other Fortnite content.

Check out this Youtube video from KiwiGuy showcasing one of the recent XP Glitch maps.