Forza Horizon 5: Guide To Tuning Your Car For Drifting

Making those sharp turns have always been one of the most essential skills to master in any racing game; in Forza Horizon 5 the setting of Mexico offers a lot of roads with sharp turns that is going to make you want to master this ability as quickly as you can. In this Forza Horizon Drifting guide, we’ll give you some tips to be able to maintain your drifting for longer periods of time regardless of the environment.

Forza Horizon 5: Guide to Drifting

There are more than a few ways to attune yourself to drifting in Forza Horizon 5. By following certain steps you’ll be able to make those sharp turns a lot easier. Be sure to take some time to prepare first before every race.

Choose The Right Car

Be sure to look for a Rear-Wheel drive car as Front-Wheel and 4WD vehicles have quite a bit of grip on them that make drifting around corners more difficult. Rear-Wheel drive cars place an emphasis on the back tires making it easier to slide when steering through a sharp corner.

For this, the best and cost effective cars would be the Mazda RX-7 and Nissan Silvia which are great cars for beginners. You can also opt for the low-powered BMWs but they take some getting used to in comparison.

Upgrade Your Vehicle

Once you’ve picked the best car for you, you need to tune it for drifting. You can do this by purchasing upgrades that make it easier to slide around corners. We recommend prioritizing buying Drift Springs suspension and dampers as they keep your car grounded and easier to control around corners.

Throwing in some Weight Reduction and Anti-Roll bars will give your vehicle more power for easier drifting. Other than those, you only need to worry about tuning the car tires. Be sure to increase the track width of your tires to help with control as you drift through turns while accelerating forward.

Tune Your Car Specifically For Drifting

We need to ensure that our drift doesn’t end earlier than desired by tuning the settings into locked differential. One of your tires could accidentally grip which will stop your drift short. Be sure to place both your acceleration and deceleration to 100%.

On that note, place the braking force on 100% too. By giving the front of our car a generous amount of control, we make them perfect for drifting by balancing them with loose rear tires.

Shorten your gear ratio below the average. Don’t make them so short that you sacrifice too much speed. Just enough that you find the right balance you’re comfortable with. This can take some repeated testing before finding just the right ratio.

Lowering yourself closer to the ground gives you more stability when turning around corners. If you can, lower your ride height as much as your allowed.

Tweak Your Assist Settings

Change your assist settings to Manual if you want to prioritize drifting. Manual gives more control to you when making those sharp turns. While automatic transmission is useful for beginners, this setting allows you to maintain your drifting for a longer period of time. You may also want to turn off stability and traction controls to make your car easier to slide with.

Drifting in Forza Horizon 5

Now that you’ve done all the preparation and tuning, take your car out for a test drive. Mexico has plenty of places for you to practice your drifting on its open roads. Try to accelerate your car to at least 60 MPH when turning around a corner.

When making the turn, hit the gas to get some speed. You should notice that your car is sliding on the surface. Adjust the direction appropriately while throttling to maintain your drift.

If you’re still not comfortable with your drifting, you can head back and do some additional tuning to your vehicle.