Front Mission 1st Remake Features Classic and Modern Gameplay Modes

Go for nostalgia or the new gameplay mode?

A new post online has revealed that Front Mission 1st Remake will feature Classic and Modern gameplay modes.

The official Twitter account of Front Mission 1st Remake has revealed details about the Classic and Modern gameplay modes. It discussed the contents for each gameplay mode with examples of how the gameplay would go.

Players who are familiar with the original game will appreciate the Classic gameplay mode as it will be more traditional. This will feature an orthogonal view of the battlefield and the visual look will be the same as the one on the Super Famicom way back in 1995. It has the original game soundtrack too.

The Modern gameplay mode will have a different camera, perspective, music, and various other changes. It has a perspective view for players. Just like the newer Front Mission titles, they can rotate the camera and change the pitch to see the full battlefield. There are various quality-of-life changes as well like movement ranges, and more. The soundtrack has been remastered too.

Front Mission 1st Remake launches on November 30, 2022 exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

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