Genshin Impact: Tips and Guide for beginners and veteran players

For beginner and veteran players, our quick guide and tips will guide you in Genshin Impact.

You don’t need to spend hundreds of hours in order to thrive in Genshin Impact. Even if it requires you to be at least Adventure Rank 20 to unlock all the game’s features, you can still very much excel in the early parts of the game. This is, of course, provided that you know what you’re doing. Here are tips and a quick guide that will help you achieve your maximum potential in Genshin Impact.

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Table of Contents:

  1. How to Know Team Composition
  2. Always Save Your EXP Materials
  3. Learn how to Cook
  4. Only Use Wishes in Ten Groups Only
  5. Do not Hesitate To Use Sigils
  6. Never Forget to Pay Attention to Artifacts

How to Know Team Composition

You might be tempted to just stick to one character when in combat. But make no mistake, Genshin Impact is a party-based game. Each character you can recruit to your roster brings a little something interesting to the table. Thus you’re encouraged to experiment and try out different combinations for, not just flashy, but optimal damage. In Genshin Impact you, as the player, are encouraged to switch characters in the middle of a fight to perform a series of attack combinations that not only lengthen your string of attacks but also inflict a combination of elemental damage to your enemies. For example, characters that dish out Hydro damage like Barbara can team up with Razor to increase his Electro attacks after enemies have been inflicted with a wet status.

This is why characters such as Venti are so valued. Besides being pretty to look at, this androgynous archer can bring foes together before you switch to another character, such as Amber, to apply fire damage to the mobs.

Here are the elemental descriptions to make things easier for you to decide who to bring:

  • Pyro – inflicts burning damage toward enemies.
  • Cryo – ice attacks that can slow down movement.
  • Hydro – water attacks which renders enemies more susceptible to electro damage.
  • Electro – electric attacks which also interrupt enemy attacks.
  • Anemo – wind attacks which can have special effects of spreading other elements.
  • Geo – earth attacks which can change terrain.

Many enemies out there have specific weaknesses that are especially vulnerable to a specific type of elemental damage. It’s best to bring up a balanced team on the adventure.

Additionally, keep in mind who you place in your party as several of them have their own passive abilities which bring buffs for the whole team. Some can help you in traversing allowing you to swim longer, sprint longer, and glide longer. Others are more helpful in combat and can increase attack damage should you have them in your active party.

Always Save Your EXP Materials

Resources are an important factor in Genshin Impact. You’ll only have so much at a time unless you’re willing to burn some money. Even if you’re tempted in getting every character you have as strong as possible, you’re better off picking a handful that you’re comfortable with and investing in them.

While you can indeed level up characters by defeating enemies, this isn’t advisable as the experience points you acquire are miniature in comparison to using materials to level up. Using Character EXP materials is the fastest way to max out a character. These EXP materials give different amounts of experience based on their rarity.

  • Wanderer’s Advice – 1000 experience (cost 200 Mora)
  • Adventurer’s Experience – 5000 experience (cost 1000 Mora)
  • Hero’s Wit – 20000 experience (cost 4000 Mora)

Do not waste your EXP materials since you’re not going to be using all of the characters in your roster. When you get to higher levels, these experience materials will be in scarce supply.

Learn how to Cook

It’s easy to overlook the cooking mechanic in Genshin Impact. But a good meal vastly increases the performance of your characters in combat. Not only can you increase your damage output and defense, but eating also reduces depletion of your stamina whether you’re sprinting, gliding, or swimming which are the three things you do in an open-world game.

Here are some recipes you can find early to help you along:

Teyvat Fried Egg

  • Effect – revives selected character and restores 50-150 health.
  • Ingredients – One Bird Egg
  • Where to Get – you’ll get the recipe the moment you learn how to cook. Bird eggs can be found almost anywhere by looking on trees, fields, and shrubs.

Sweet Madame

  • Effect – Will restore 20-24% of maximum health for the party and an additional 900-1500 health to the selected character.
  • Ingredients – Two Fowl and Two Sweet Flower
  • Where to Get – Recipe is available to you from the start. You can collect Fowl by hunting birds in front of Mondstadt. Sweet Flower can be achieved by travelling around the map or farming them near Dawn Winery. Additionally you can collect Sweet Flowers by sending characters on expeditions.

Barbatos Ratatouille

  • Effect – Will decrease stamina depletion from sprinting and gliding by 15-25% for all party members.
  • Time – The effect lasts for 15 minutes.
  • Ingredients – Four Carrots, Four Potatoes, and Four Onions
  • Where to Get – You can find the recipe at Stormbearer Point and talking to Vind. Select the dialogue “What are you doing?” then “Tell me about your family” and she’ll give you the recipe.

Jade Parcels

  • Effect – boosts party’s attacks by 224-320 and critical hit rate by 6-10%
  • Time – the effect lasts for 5 minutes.
  • Ingredients – Three Lotus Heads, Two Jueyun Chili, Two Cabbage, One Ham
  • Where To Get – recipe will be available after completing Cooking Showdown from Xiangling’s story quest. This quest will be available to you once you hit Adventure Rank 12.

Only Use Wishes in Ten Groups Only

Genshin Impact is, at its core, a gacha game. They’re basically selling loot boxes. Only this time, they’re called “Wishes.” Want a new character? Want a more powerful weapon? Then be prepared to put your luck to the test. While this sounds atrocious, it is more tolerable as you can earn the currency to get these loot boxes just by playing the game.

You’ll have the option to either roll once individually or roll in a group for ten wishes. While it can get tempting to just keep re-rolling one at a time, you should save your wishes until you can afford ten of them. Using ten wishes guarantees you at least a four-star character or weapon. Keep in mind that the drop rate of a four-star is a mere 5 percent where the drop rate of a five-star is only .5 percent, which is a tenth of that rate.

Besides buying them with real money, you can save for Wishes by collecting Prismogems and Stardust. Prismogems can be earned by just playing the game and doing activities while Stardust is earned after opening Wishes. While it can be tempting to spend them, you’re better off saving for more Wishes instead.

Do not Hesitate To Use Sigils

Unlike Prismogems and Stardust, there’s really no reason to horde Sigils. They’re in-game currency specific to the region that you can use to purchase useful materials from the game’s sigil stores which can be found on Mondstadt and Liyue. You can purchase upgrade materials, weapon blueprints, and etc by using sigils.

Never Forget to Pay Attention to Artifacts

There’s more to combat than just focusing on weapons and character stats. Do you want to know why you’re not doing as much damage as you’d want to? Artifacts will give you a decent boost in ATK which you can take advantage of by equipping them to your heavy hitters. You’ll be seeing your damage numbers going pretty high up that way.

There are 5 types of artifacts.

  • Flower of Life
  • Plume of Death
  • Sands of Eon
  • Goblet of Eonothem
  • Circlet of Logos

Each artifact focuses on the main stat which is determined via its type and slot. The artifact’s stat and rarity are determined by its value. In addition to its main stat, each artifact can come with four sub-stats that provide additional bonuses. A sub-stat will be added for every four levels that an artifact gains.

Like characters, artifacts can also be leveled up. Unlike characters, however, artifacts can be leveled up by sacrificing other artifacts. This way, you can pick even artifacts that you might deem useless and use them to enhance another. Alternatively, artifacts also have their own EXP materials which you can use to enhance them which comes with an additional fee in Mora.

Focus on equipping artifacts based on a stat that compliments the character well. You can even equip set artifacts that provide set bonuses depending on how many of that set you’re are equipped with all at once.

Genshin Impact is available now and free on mobile, PS4, PS5, PC, and Nintendo Switch.