Defeating Enemies in Ghostwire: Tokyo is Similar to Doom’s Glory Kill

Ghostwire Tokyo

Upcoming video game Ghostwire: Tokyo is Game Director Shinji Mikami’s latest and this time the setting is Tokyo city being invaded by ghoulish creatures called the Visitors. They are based from Japan’s supernatural beings, only deadlier and do not follow the legends.

In order to defeat such mystical and terrifying beings, the protagonist must use magic and karate.  According to the Official PlayStation Magazine (October 2020 Issue), Combat Director Shinichiro Hara (also behind Doom’s gameplay), introduces us a gameplay that makes you feel like a martial-arts-exorcist.

The method is simple yet familiar: whittle down the health of a Visitor until its core is exposed and then thrust your hand inside that said creature and wrench it loose. Sound familiar? That is because its Doom’s Glory Kill gameplay loop. Utterly chaotic and bloody, but satisfying with the finish.

Currently there are three Visitors that have been revealed to the world. These are:

  • Amewarashi – A child in a yellow raincoat with powers coming from the sadness of being separated from their parents.
  • Kuchisake – A scissor-handed creature inspired from a Japanese urban legend. Get too close and she will chop everything away
  • Shiromuku – A bride-spirit powered by pure sadness and regret over a groom she could never marry. She attacks in her white wedding kimono.

The unique combat in Ghostwire: Tokyo takes advantage of the PlayStation 5’s DualSense controller features. Haptic feedback and adaptive triggers will make you feel every on-screen hand wave and impact in your own palms. Quoted from OPM, players will “experience the sensation of magically slapping a demon child.”

Even the sound of the slap will feel realistic with the PS5’s 3D audio feature, which makes it feel like you are inside the game. Even the background sound of the city and the Visitors surrounding you and circling around for the kill, the audio feature makes you feel you are inside that conflict.

With Shinji Mikami on the helm, Ghostwire: Tokyo will be a game to remember. It will be released sometime in 2021 and will be available on PS5 and PC.