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Ghostwire Tokyo - Platinum
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Ghostwire Tokyo is a supernational first-person shooter that tells the story of Akito and his spectral buddy, KK. As an FPS game, Ghostwire Tokyo is light on the actual marksman trophies. Most of the trophies can be acquired by playing the game naturally. This game, however, is full of open-world trophies that you need to acquire in order to get the platinum.

How to Get the Platinum Trophy in Ghostwire Tokyo

In order to unlock the Platinum trophy for Ghostwire Tokyo, you’ll need to collect the other 56 trophies below.

None of the trophies are missable (the game will warn you ahead of the final battle section for any unfinished business), and there are no glitched trophies that’ll make things harder than it needs to be.


Trophy Image



Trophy Rarity

Ghostwire Tokyoite

Acquired all Ghostwire Tokyo trophies

Ghostwire Tokyo – All Trophies List

For the Trendsetter trophy, you’ll need to acquire all the game’s 49 outfits. This can be done by doing side missions, buying from nekomata, and collecting relics for nekomata collectors

The Hero Shibuya is a time-consuming trophy. Constantly use Spectral Vision. Explore the city. Fully upgrade Grapple to reach high places easily. Spirits can found in all sorts of places. Eventually, you’ll want to use a combination of upgraded Spectral Vision, upgraded Spirit Perception Prayer Beads, and all 50 katashiro paper dolls to make the task easier.

And finally, make sure to keep track of the souls from each Shrine region. Also do as many map activities like corrupted areas and Containment Cubes. If you’re still coming up short, there are a few thousand souls trapped in Shibuya Underground.

Gold Trophies

Trophy Image



Trophy rarity

Hero of Shibuya

Complete the main story after transferring 100% of the spirits in the city


Acquire all items for the Outfit Menu (excluding bonus content)

The Wishmaker trophy is unlocked after resolving all 42 side missions. Keep in mind, the the-three-part mission “After the End” is kind of missable. But the game will warn you before embarking on the final ride.

The Collector Trophy is unlocked after fulfilling all the relic requests of all 13 Nekomata collectors. Check out our guides for all the relic request locations.

The power overwhelming trophy is unlocked after acquiring all 33 prayer beads. Most prayer beads can be acquired after cleansing torii gates. Transmission Beads are unlocked after completing the story. Tireless Beads and Shadow Beads are acquired after transmitting 100% of spirits before completing the game

Silver Trophies

Trophy Image



Trophy Rarity

Savation of All

Transfer 100% of the spirits in the city


Complete all side missions


Acquire all relics

Power Overwhelming

Acquire all sets of prayer beads

Most bronze trophies can be unlocked naturally. Some others need a little effort to unlock.

The Liberator trophy can be unlocked after cleansing all of the game’s 29 torii gates.

The only way to unlock the Mind and Body trophy is to reach level 50, collect all of KK’s Investigation Notes, (see our guide for reference) and collect all 40 magatama from Yokai from side missions and map activities. You also get the On the Same Wavelength trophy for reaching level 50. On top of that, the With Their Powers Combined trophy is unlocked after collecting all 40 magamata.

The Shibuya Is My Back Yard trophy is unlocked after visiting all landmarks on the map. (Also see our ‘All Landmarks’ guide) Speaking of collecting, The Whole Truth trophy is unlocked after finding and collecting all 17 voice logs. (see our guide to know the locations of all the voice logs)

The Pilgrim trophy is unlocked after praying to all 52 Jizo statues on the map. All statues are found near roadsides and inside alleys.

The Your Tail’s Showing trophy is unlocked after finding all 25 missing tanuki. (see our guide to find All Tanuki)

The Gourmand trophy is unlocked after collecting all types of food and drink. (see our guide on All Consumables)

The DJ Akito trophy is unlocked after collecting all music tracks. Nekomata sell music tracks and are given as rewards for collecting relics. The rest of the tracks are unlocked after completing chapters.

You should be able to get the Visiting Hours are Over trophy after defeating all 23 types just once. Of all of them, I’d say the Forsaken is missable, the only way to “defeat” it is to quick purge before it becomes alerted. One can be found in a park directly east of Chishima Shrine.

For the One Fell Swoop trophy, you may want to find a group of five, herd them into one spot, drop an Exposure talisman, and Wire-In for good measure. That should be more than enough to get this trophy.

Bronze Trophies

Trophy Image



Trophy Rarity

Helping Hand

Transfer 25% of the spirits in the city


Transfer 50% of the spirits in the city

Problem Solver

Complete a side mission

Opening a Path

Cleanse a torii gate


Cleanse all torii gates

Treasure Hunter

Acquire a relic

Mind and Body

Unlock all Spirit Skills

On the Same Wavelength

Raise your synergy level to max

Shibuya Is My Back Yard

Find all landmarks

Echoes of the Past

Acquire a voice log

The Whole Truth

Acquire all voice logs

It's All Thanks to Yokai

Acquire a magatama

With Their Powers Combined

Acquire all magatama

Roadside Spirituality

Pray to a Jizo statue


Pray to all Jizo statues

Your Tail's Showing

Find all of the missing tanuki


Acquire all types of food and drink

DK Akito

Acquire all music tracks


Acquire all talismans

Boundless Spirit

Acquire the maximum number of Katashiro

Visiting Hours Are Over

Defeat every type of Visitor


Defeat a Visitor by pulling out its core

Soul Breaker

Defet 50 Visitors by pulling out their cores

One Fell Swoop

Defeat at least 5 Visitors simultaneously by pulling out their cores

Couldn't Take The Heat

Defeat at lest 3 Visitors simultaneously by denotating a red ether crystal

Silent Kill

Defeat a total of 200 Visitors using Quick Purge

Take A Bow

Defeat a total of 50 Visitors using the bow

Go For The Eyes

Defeat a total of 20 Visitors with headshots

Freeze, Scumbag

Defeat a total of 10 Visitors with Quick Purge while they are held by a Stun Talisman

A Shrubbery!

Defeat a total of 3 Visitors with Quick Purge while hiding in bushes created by Thicket Talisman

Left Yourself Open

Defeat a total of 10 Visitors by ripping out their cores after exposing them with an Exposure Talisman

Master of Blocking

Perform a total of 30 Perfect Blocks

In Sync

Wire in a total of 10 times

Big Spender

Spend a total of 1,000,000 Meika


Put a total of 10,000 Meika into offering boxes

Most of the hidden bronze trophies can be unlocked naturally or some of them are so simple, they’re pretty much self-explanatory.

The Don’t Worry About It trophy is unlocked after pulling a “Daikyo” from an omikuji box. Just keep trying when you get the chance until you succeed. It’s just 200 Meika per try and worse case you’ll be traveling between major shrines until you pull it.

You have some options for unlocking the Sniper trophy. Either go on top of a building and look for one that doesn’t carry an umbrella. Or use the map to calculate the distance by creating a custom location, and trying to judge the distance as best you can. Doable but might take some time and luck though.

The Walking on Air trophy is a lot harder to unlock than it seems. First off, you have to find a way to glide as soon as you are in the air. Setting foot on the building nulls the tracker immediately. Then you’ll want to grab the Tengu summon ability to call one up as soon as you are falling. You may also want to fully upgrade your glide as well. Glide in the air for about 4 seconds until attempting to grapple unto the next building. Find a good spot with plenty of space and you are good.

Hidden Bronze Trophies

Trophy Image



Trophy Rarity


Complete Chapter 1


Complete Chapter 2


Complete Chapter 3


Complete Chapter 4


Complete Chapter 5


Complete Chapter 6


Complete the main story

Animal Lover

Pet an animal

Amateur Photographer

Use Photo Mode for the first time

You Wouldn't Steal a Spirit

Successfully protect at least 3 Containment Cubes in a single battle

Don't Worry About It

Pull a "Daikyo" omikuji

Better Together

Fuse back with KK after being hit by a severance attack


Defeat a Visitor with a headshot from a distance of at least 40 meters

Walking On Air

Grapple and glide to remain in the air for at least 10 seconds

Lonely Tsukimi

Spend at least 30 seconds looking at the moon

And that’s about it for the Ghostwire Tokyo Platinum Trophy guide. I hope this guide helped you in getting your Platinum trophy!

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