Players Can Pet All Dogs in Ghostwire Tokyo They Meet In-Game

Ghostwire Tokyo

In a recent video that was shown at ongoing event QuakeCon 2020, Tango Gameworks Founder Shinji Mikami shared a very special message for those who are waiting for new details of Ghostwire Tokyo.

In the video, Mikami was talking about what was happening around the world with the COVID-19 pandemic and what it has done with their development of the upcoming game. He said that “In the meantime, we are working hard to make this game even more cool and unique.”

Later in the video, Mikami revealed his very special announcement to the world. He shared that in Ghostwire Tokyo, players will be able to pet all of the dogs in-game. It also showed how a Shiba Inu dog was petted by the protagonist.

The game is currently in development. It will be released on PlayStation 5 and PC sometime in 2021.

Check out the trailer here: