Ghostwire Tokyo Tanabata Update Released

Celebrate a traditional festival with this emote!

Tango Gameworks has now released the Ghostwire Tokyo Tanabata Update.

Ghostwire Tokyo Tanabata Update Highlights

The latest update focuses on the Tanabata festival or commonly known as the Star Festival, a traditional Japanese festival. It is where people would write their wishes on colorful strips of paper called tanzaku and hang them from bamboo branches hoping it till come true. The update introduces the Tanabata Wishes emote and some additional game adjustments and bug fixes.

The Tanabata Wishes emote will make Akto and KK look to the stars with a bamboo tree and sasakazari next to them.

Rest of the Patch Notes

Check out the rest of the full patch notes below:


  • Added new “Film Grain” and “Color-Fringe” options under video settings


All Platforms

  • Adjusted the behavior of some emotes
  • Adjusted the effects of certain emotes when using them on uneven terrain
  • Adjusted lighting during emotes
  • Made adjustments to rotating Akito on the Inventory screen
  • Adjusted lighting for the “Inugami Mummy” collectible

PlayStation 5 Fixes

  • Fixed progression issues for the following side missions:
    • Haunting Visions (corrected auto save issue)
    • A Doll’s Last Rites
    • Strung with a Curse

PC Fixes

  • Improved overall performance
ghostwire tokyo tanabata update

Ghostwire Tokyo is now available on PS5 and PC.