Ghostwire Tokyo Possibly Coming to Xbox Next Year

After Bethesda acquisition, it's possible.

It was recently spotted on a wall in Bethesda’s office that the PS5 exclusive Ghostwire Tokyo has been listed on Xbox.

Twitter user Klobrille has recently shared what they spotted in an article that featured Bethesda’s London office on the website of workplace design company Area. It showed images of large wall murals and that included Bethesda’s game. One of them was Ghostwire Tokyo and it had a rather interesting detail. Unfortunately, it seems Bethesda was quick to the uptake and quickly told Area to take down the images.

The Ghostwire Tokyo mural had listed the game as an Xbox Series X/S, PS5, and PC game. According to the Twitter user, it was clear on the details. Interestingly enough, Tango Gameworks has not shared any announcement in regard to an Xbox version of the game. Bethesda has not made a statement too. Hmmm…

With the acquisition of Bethesda by Microsoft, having Ghostwire Tokyo on Xbox consoles is not a surprise. Deathloop got an Xbox version after more or less a year since its PS5 launch so Ghostwire Tokyo might also launch a year later, which is around March 25, 2023. It could also come to Xbox Game Pass.

Ghostwire Tokyo is currently available on PS5 and PC.