Goat Simulator 3 Release Date Announced

Glorious Goat Day.

Coffee Stain has recently revealed the Goat Simulator 3 release date.

Goat Simulator 3 Release Date Finally Revealed

The upcoming sequel of the popular Goat Simulator series finally gets a release date. It will now be available to download on November 17, 2022 for all available platforms.

Why Goat Simulator 3 and Not 2?

Aside from the release date, the developers shared interesting information about naming their game. Why Goat Simulator 3 and not Goat Simulator 2? They did not provide a straight answer as a group, but the members did share various answers. Here are those:

  • “There were three goats on the box art” – Rasmus Björk, Community Manager & Cinematographer
  • “Wait? We didn’t make a Goat Simulator 2?” – Olivia Follin, Programmer
  • “It’s been such a long time since Goat Simulator 1 came out that Goat Simulator 2 as a title just didn’t encapsulate all the advancements in simulation technology that we’ve implemented.” – Sebastian Zethraeus, Game Producer
  • “No one likes a sequel” – Driton Gashi, Designer
  • “Baaaaaaaaa” – Pilgor 
  • “There was a reason… but I’ve forgotten..” – Philip Bretschneider, 3D Artist
  • “Someone from the Publishing team said it and we didn’t want to correct them” – Judith Radnitz, Game Producer
  • “God of War: Ragnarök was already taken” – Santiago Ferrero, Creative Director
  • “Well it would’ve been weird if we called it Goat Sim 4” – William Birgersson, Art Director & Level Designer
  • “It’s still just a typo” – Helena Lindström, Community Manager
  • “The numbers Mason, what do they mean?” – Stuart Docherty, Sound Designer
  • “None of the above” – Sebastian Eriksson, CEO
  • “Pilgor does what Gordon’t” –  Joar Hedvall, Programmer

Get Standard Edition

goat simulator 3 release date

Players can now pre-order the standard edition today for the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S for a “pre-udder” surprise or choose the Digital Downgrade Edition which comes with a selection of remastered items from Goat Simulator.

Goat In A Box Edition

There is also a special collector’s Goat In A Box Edition, which is currently available for pre-order in EU and ANZ regions only. It will include a little Pilgor toy, steelbook, Goat House, Reversible Poster, Soundtrack, and Postcards. It will also include digital files like 3D Printing Files, and remastered skins and gear.

Goat Simulator 3 will be available on November 17, 2022 for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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