GOG.COM Summer Sale Featuring 3000+ Deals Up to 95%


PC gaming platform GOG.COM recently announced its Summer Sale for this year with thousands of discounts and releases of new DRM-free titles.

GOG members are invited to try out some really good playable demos available only at their store right now. They get to be the ones to first play free demos of tactical western Desperados III and Destroy all Humans! before both get released. Thereare other playable demos as well like the re-imagined System Shock, Spiritfarer, RPG Vagrus – The Riven Realms, reverse horror Carrion, and JRPG-inspired Cris Tales.

There will be two new DRM-free releases on the platform like Metro Exodus with 50 percent discount and Prey with 70 percent discount.

The Summer Sale will also feature over 3000 deals with discounts that would go up to 95 percent off. Members can get an additional five percent off when they buy three games from a bundle, or an additional 10 percent when buying 5 or more games.

Check out the publisher bundles available here:

  • Build Your 11 bit Bundle with Children of Morta (-33%), Frostpunk (-60%), Moonlighter (-66%), and more.
  • Build Your Activision Bundle with Soldier of Fortune: Platinum Edition (-20%), Pharaoh + Cleopatra (-50%), SWAT 4 (-50%), and more.
  • Build Your Daedalic Bundle with Iratus: Lord of the Dead (-30%), Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun (-75%), Deponia 4: Deponia Doomsday (-90%), and more.
  • Build Your Devolver Bundle with Katana ZERO (-33%), My Friend Pedro (-40%), Enter the Gungeon (-50%), and more.
  • Build Your EA Bundle with Dragon Age: Origins – Ultimate Edition (-75%), Crysis (-75%), Theme Hospital (-75%), and more.
  • Build Your Kalypso Bundle with Tropico 6 (-35%), Dungeons 3 (-50%), Railway Empire (-50%), and more.
  • Build Your Paradox Bundle with Imperator: Rome (-50%), Pillars of Eternity: Definitive Edition (-60%), Stellaris (-75%), and more.
  • Build Your tinyBuild Bundle with Not For Broadcast (-34%), Graveyard Keeper (-50%), Pathologic 2 (-50%), and more.

Discover even more games with our Summer Sale highest deals, recommendations, and genre collections – including adventure games such as Firewatch (-75%), shooters like BioShock Infinite Complete Edition (-75%) and cult role-playing titles like Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition (-50%) and Divinity: Original Sin 2 – Definitive Edition (-50%). There’s also the fan-favorite Good Old Games classics collection with evergreen titles like Blade Runner (-20%), Aliens versus Predator Classic 2000 (-66%), Dungeon Keeper 2 (-75%), and more.

Check the deals here.

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