GoldenEye 007 Remake Reportedly Getting Delayed

The Ukraine war is affecting a lot of people, game development included.

A new report states that the long-rumored GoldenEye 007 remake for Xbox got delayed.

According to a new report by industry insider Jeff Grubb on Twitter, the remake of the popular classic Nintendo 64 game “is still in limbo because of the war”. There have been reports that the game was already in a near-complete state for a while now.

Microsoft has actually listed the achievements on its official website last month. It seems to be confirmed that the remake was almost completed with the listing.

Popular Xbox Achievement tracking website TrueAchievements have found a listing of the game way back in January 2022. There was also a plan for an updated version of the original but that got cancelled due to licensing issues. The files got leaked online way back in February 2021.

So for now, it seems the GoldenEye 007 remake is not going to be released anytime soon if the Ukraine war will still be ongoing.