Polyphony Digital Studio Founder Wants to Continue Making Gran Turismo for a Long Time

Gran Turismo 7

In a recent interview with accountant firm KPMG, Polyphony Digital Studio Founder Kazunori Yamauchi revealed he still wants to make game series Gran Turismo for a long time.

gran turismo

Yamauchi revealed in an interview that he wants to keep making the game series in parallel with the “car culture and automobile industry.” He also said that he wants to make something different.

“I think that one of the missions of video games is to realize digital twins by connecting the real and digital worlds,” Yamauchi stated. “On the other hand, I also think that ‘the reality that can be felt by humans may not necessarily be felt from something real,’ and I intend to confront this question for sure.

“I would like to take on the challenge of creating a world where people feel more reality than the real thing, whether this is through Gran Turismo or not.”

From what Yamauchi is saying, he wants to make a game that would “feel more real than reality.” He cited an example where there was part in Japan today where it was different than it originally was in the 1970s. He wants to make a “digital nature” where everyone could experience it like he did even if reality is different now. That is his one of his current goals that he shared in the interview. And it might just come to his upcoming games in the future like the next Gran Turismo titles.

Gran Turismo 7 launches sometime in 2022 after it got delayed.

Thanks GTPlanet! Interview source: KPMG