Grand Theft Auto Veteran DJ Lazlow Jones Leaves Rockstar Games

DJ Lazlow Jones

DJ Lazlow Jones has been the voice of radio in many Grand Theft Auto games for many years, but the one behind the voice will be leaving Rockstar Games.

The DJ is actually played in real life by the same name, Lazlow Jones. He is a non-fictional writer and producer on the GTA series. He and his character started way back on Grand Theft Auto 3 until the latest one. Aside from GTA 3, he also worked on several titles like Vice City, San Andreas, Vice City Stories, Liberty City Stories, Episodes from Liberty City, GTA 4, and GTA 5.

After more than 19 years in the industry, the real-life Jones has left Rockstar in April 2020.

In his Instagram post, Jones revealed that the reason for leaving Rockstar Games was due to his sister. She was diagnosed with terminal cancer and he has acted as a primary care giver since early this year. This only made it tougher with the pandemic going on.

Here’s what he wrote:

When the pandemic hit it made the situation radically difficult and even more onerous in caring for someone with cancer. But it exposed and strengthened a lot of solidarity among friends, family and neighbours you used to barely speak to as people rallied to fight an unseen enemy, look after each other, and unite to get through an insanely stressful and challenging time.

Journeys begin and end, and this one is nearing the end. Fortunately, I’ve had a lot of love and support from friends through this. Hopefully you can reach out and be kind to a friend or stranger, as it makes all the difference in the world, as we don’t know how long we’ll be in it.

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