Grand Theft Auto Online Is Free for Keeps for PS5 Owners Rockstar Clarifies

Get it starting on PS5 version launch day!

Rockstar Games recently explained online that the Grand Theft Auto Online separate download will be free to keep and not limited only.

When it was revealed that by the time Grand Theft Auto 5 will launch on PS5 this month, GTA Online was going to be free to download for only three months. This confused some fans since there was the word free but there were also the words only three months. Does that mean we get to download and play the game when it launches on PS5 for only three months?

It was a good thing that Rockstar Games finally came out and clearly explained to the curious PS5 owners about the incentive. They clarified that if you have GTA 5 and plan to play it on the PS5, players will be able to download GTA Online. They explained players will be able to get the game for free and can keep it in their personal libraries FOREVER.

So why mentione “for only three months?” Well, Rockstar Games explained they meant the game will be free to download and keep only in three months since its upcoming launch on PS5 this March 15, 2022. After three months, players will have to buy GTA Online separately. So when the time comes to get GTA 5, be prepared to add GTA Online to the library right away or you will miss the chance to have it for free. And no, it is not a PlayStation Plus free game. Players are able to keep the game for free forever as long as it is within the three months after the launch.

Grand Theft Auto Online is now available on PS4, PC, and Xbox One. The PS5 and Xbox Series X/S versions launches on March 15, 2022.