Guardians of the Galaxy – All Choices and Consequences Guide

A complete guide of all the choices and possible consequences in Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy.

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Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy has just been released and everyone can’t wait to see what the story has in store for them. They’ll be happy to know that there are a lot of choices that they’ll have to make.

There will be many choices that are minor but then there are also those that might change the direction of the story so let’s try to see what are our choices and how they can affect what happens at that moment and beyond. As part of our Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy guide, here are all the choices and outcomes.

Please be reminded that you’ll be treading on spoiler territory so go back if you didn’t know what you were getting yourself into.

Guardians of the Galaxy Chapter 1 Choices

Pressure Groot or Spook Him Choice

Reassuring Groot – You’ll say what would we get arrested for? You’ll say that our ship just “accidentally” slipped into the quarantine zone.

Spooking Groot – Star-Lord will tell Groot that they’ll get shot on the spot and that when it comes to being out in the wilderness, there’ll be no time to make an arrest, only death awaits them. Groot will respond just like Groot and walks away while Rocket laughs.

Investigate Thumpers Or Let Him Work Choice

If you investigate – Rocket and Star-Lord will discuss how the Thumpers will work that’ll lead to him annoying the ship and getting told to zip it. Then they’ll discuss where Star-Lord got his intel for the mission.

If you let Rocket work – You just tell Rocket that you’ll let him finish what he’s doing.

For Cash Or Rep Choice

Cash – You tell Rocket that the team needs a big payday and that this will be the place for it. It’ll be hard but worth the trouble.

Rep – You mention that you’ll need rep for more jobs.

Defend New Members Or Let Him Reminisce Choice

Defending – You’ll mention that Gomora and Drax add a lot to the team and Rocket will then say that you’re only saying that because she’s listening.

Reminiscing – You let Rocket reminisce and join in the conversation.

First Huddle Choice

Laugh in the face of danger – This option will get everyone pumped up.

Don’t get cocky – A buff only for Star-Lord.

Guardians of the Galaxy Chapter 2 Choices

Double Down Or Lie Choice

Double Down – Star-Lord will say that he’s not smuggling anything and Drax will enter the scene with a crate full of illegal tech.

Lie – You’ll say that your navigation system got messed up and Drax will enter the scene with a crate full of illegal tech which leads to you getting threatened with being arrested.

Hide The Creature Or Hide The Tech Choice (Major Decision)
Hide The Creature Or Hide The Tech Choice (Major Decision)

Hide The Creature Or Hide The Tech Choice (Major Decision)

Hide the Creature – Star-Lord will ask Drax to hide the Llama which leads to Rocket’s disappointment since he needed the tech. Star-Lord then explains that he might be able to let them get away with the tech but a potential Biohazard was gonna be hard. This choice will later lead to getting a fine of 7,000 units but the Llama will forever remain on the ship and you can pet it at certain points of the story. It will make minor appearances throughout the journey.

Hide the tech – Hiding the crate of weapons will lead to Gamora’s unhappiness but Star Lord will explain that he can talk his way out if the team trusts him. You will then be charged 8,000 units but later in the game, you’ll get lock-on rockets for when you fight in space.

Back Pedal Or Stick Up For Nikki Choice

Back Pedal – You backpedal and say Nikki has conviction and you guys are going up the elevator.

Stick Up – Star-Lord will tell her mother that Nikki handled herself pretty well and that she should be proud of her. Her mom says that Star Lord’s word isn’t worth much and continues on being upset with her daughter and then locks down the elevator. Her mom then realizer that Nikki has bypassed all of the ship’s security and asks her to show her how.

Make A Joke, Back Up Ko-Rel, Reactivate Elevator Choice

Making A Joke – Star-Lord jokes about being stuck in an elevator and Nikki and her mom are not amused. Nikki and her mom continue their argument. Nikki will then trust you enough for her to give her passkey which allows you to enter Nikki’s room later in the story.

Back Up Ko-Rel – Star Lords says that he’s sure that her mom’s on to her. Ko-Rel then says that no one will be leaving the elevator until she gets the answers she wants. Nikki will then attempt to lie that it’s because of her small size which allows her to fit through small openings. This will lead to her losing her key access.

Reactivate Elevator – Star-Lord will try to stop the lockdown which doesn’t end well and both of them will be disappointed with you. Nikki won’t be sure if she trusts you.

Side With Ko-Rel Or Try To Help Nikki Choice (Major Decision)
Side With Ko-Rel Or Try To Help Nikki Choice (Major Decision)

Side With Ko-Rel Or Try To Help Nikki Choice (Major Decision)

Ko-Rel – You tell Nikki that her mom deserves to know the truth. You’ll then learn that Nikki is 12 years old that impresses you. This will lead to Nikki trusting you with her passkey.

Nikki – You mention the system-wide glitch. Nikki then talks about the security being down to which you are in agreement with her. Ko-Rel will then tell Nikki to empty her pockets to which she refuses to do so.

Tell Ko-Rel The Truth, Divert Attention, Take The Blame Choice

Telling Ko-Rel the Truth – You tell Ko-Rel about Nikki’s passkey to which she’ll give up and her getting upset with you.

Diverting Attention – You tell Ko-Rel about you still having feelings for her, which will throw them both off guard. Nikki will then be unsure if she can trust you and lose her key. You then learn she made the key herself.

Taking the Blame – You tell Ko-Rel that it was your responsibility for hacking the doors and then Nikki will give you her passkey.

Do The Math Or Ignore The Math Choice

Do the Math – Doing the math will lead to Nikki probably being your daughter. Ko-Rel will then say that you haven’t changed at all and you will offer to pay the fine off in three cycles which depending on an earlier choice will either be 7,000 or 8,000 bits.

Ignore the Math – Star-Lord will ask his toy chewie if he wants to stay or go back with him. He will play with the Wookie and make a Wookie voice, then he decides he is alright and that he’ll stay with Ko-Rel.

Guardians of the Galaxy Chapter 3 Choices

Hear Out Drax, Call On Groot, Focus On Rocket Choice

Drax – The team will hear what Drax has to say to which he explains how Fing Fang Foom is a legendary monster that is feared in all of the galaxies. He then goes on to explain how it would be a glorious death, to which the team explains that that’s not their objective. Rocket will then say that their only choice is selling Gamora’s collection. Groot then says that they should combine ideas.

Groot – You listen to Groot and Rocket will say that he’s telling you to combine ideas.

Rocket – Rocket says that there are people who are willing to pay a lot for Gamora’s collection. Gamora will then say that there won’t be time to sell it before losing the ship.

Vote To Sell Groot Or Sell Rocket Choice

Selling Groot – Star-Lord will express his gratitude for Groot volunteering to be sold. There will be a choice later where you can change your mind but it only changes a few cut-scenes and the mission after meeting Lady Hellbender will become a stealth mission as opposed to Rocket’s guns blazing way.

Selling Rocket – You’ll say that he’s scary on the inside. When Rocket’s inside, you can use his mind to aid you in finding him and getting him out. Rocket will also remember this for his benefit.

Encourage Drax Or Stop Drax Choice

Encouraging – You encourage Drax which leads to Rocket getting angry. You then tell Rocket he’ll be getting a 10% increase in his cut and he activates the bridge for you. Rocket will get angry the next time someone suggests tossing him.

Stopping – Stops Drax from throwing Rocket. Star Lords finds a different path which leads to going down the ledge, destroying the goo, and heading into the cave. There’ll be an obelisk on the other side that Drax can work on to get the team to the other side.

Encourage Drax Or Stop Drax Again Choice

This will only be available if you chose the Stop Drax option.

Encouraging – Same scenario as previously stated.

Stopping – Star-Lord stops Drax from Throwing Rocket again and Drax will complain that it’s not necessary to be concerned for the feelings of the beasts. Then you find another path by shooting some gunk nearby.

Stand Your Ground Or Change Your Mind Choice

Standing Ground – Star-Lord will tell Drax to go through with the plan and Groot goes in the cage.

Changing Your Mind – This will make you sell Rocket and save Groot. Gamora will get angry, Drax will agree, and Rocket will happily go into the cage.

These choices will alter a few cut-scenes but won’t make any huge difference overall.

Deflect, Qualify, Rationalize, Compromise, Reassure, or Argue Choice

Deflect – You’ll tell your mom that she watched scary movies back in the day but she won’t budge.

Qualify – She won’t budge so you’ll need to do some more convincing.

Rationalize – You try to make it more rational but she still won’t budge.

Compromise – You tell her that you can still do them or at least some of them. Then you ask her please but she still won’t budge.

Reassure – You reassure her that it won’t be such a big deal and then she gives you the cash you need for the movie tickets.

Argue – You tell her that you aren’t a little kid anymore. Then they go over what transpired yesterday which leads to her giving up and giving you the cash you need for the movie tickets.

Guardians of the Galaxy Chapter 4 Choices

Side With Rocket Or Gamora Choice

Rocket – Rocket will say that agreeing with him is the smart choice and then proceeds to make fun of Gamora.

Gamora – You say that Gamora can be trusted and you trust her with your life.

Take The Lead Or Encourage Drax Choice

Take the Lead – You’ll say you got this and then introduce yourself to the queen and she’ll have no clue who you are. You then have Drax show her the monster.

Encouraging Drax – Drax will agree that he’s the best choice since you suck at negotiating. Drax will talk to the woman and say that must be skilled with her weapon. She will then offer to give him a demonstration to which Drax acknowledges her as a worthy adversary but business must come first.

Encourage Cuteness Or Push Ferociousness Choice (Rocket)

Cuteness – You tell the queen that Rocket looks really cute when he drinks from a saucer to which the queen and the group will laugh. This choice will cause Rocket to shoot everyone.

Ferociousness – You convince the queen that Rocket is strong and is a lean mean killing machine under all the cuteness he exudes.

Price Negotiation Choice (Groot, Major Decision)
Price Negotiation Choice (Groot, Major Decision)

Price Negotiation Choice (Groot, Major Decision)

Offer Less – Star-Lord will counter with an offer for 10,000 units. Star-Lord and Gamora that that’ll be enough but Drax will say his initial request of 20,000 units wasn’t a mistake. The queen will offer 9,000 units then Drax will make a counteroffer of 9,537 units. Groot will then be taken away.

Support Drax – Drax will ask for 20,000 units. Lady Hellbender will offer 15,000 units and Drax needs to stay which leads to Drax explaining that he has other commitments. Lady Hellbender will then settle for 12,000 units. You can later buy a doll for Gamora thanks to Drax’s negotiation skills.

Price Negotiation Choice (Rocket)

Stick with it – Rocket will suggest 20,000 units. You will lie and say that you have another dealer lined up. Unfortunately, the Collectors don’t take creatures that are similar to Rocket so she’ll know you’re lying and it’s time for plan B.

Offer Less – You’ll offer 12,000 units and she’ll say that she wants Groot more which will trigger Rocket and cause a shootout.

Guardians of the Galaxy Chapter 5 Choices

Ask About Crime, Ask About Nova Corps Choice

Ask About Crime – Star-Lord will ask about the crime and the criminal won’t say anything. A case of mistaken identity.

Ask About Nova Corps – Star Lord will ask what’s going on and the criminal doesn’t really know much but wants your help in getting out. There will now be a choice of interacting with the holding cell or not.

Hitting the Switch – Rocket will laugh as the cells will glows and will congratulate you on killing your first prisoner. Drax will say that it’s improbable. You’ll find him in the next room but he’ll disappear and will eventually be sent off into space with his holding cell.

Put It Down Or Speak Into Helmet Choice (Major Decision)
Put It Down Or Speak Into Helmet Choice (Major Decision)

Put It Down Or Speak Into Helmet Choice (Major Decision)

Putting it Down – Star-Lord will put down the helmet and throw it. A notification will appear that will state that the Guardians agree that it was the right choice. When leaving the station, you’ll witness Nova Crops members being executed.

Speaking into the Helmet – There are voices going through the helmet. You tell them that you’re looking for the centurion and the voice says that they’ll aid you. You tell the voice your location and it says that it’ll come to you. Guards are coming your way and the rest of the team won’t think that it was the right choice.

Retreat – You’ll say that you and the team are good and you’ll be out of their hair. The battle begins.

Ko-Rel – You’ll say that her ship is outside and he’ll offer to show you the way. You’ll still have a fight.

Guardians of the Galaxy Chapter 6 Choices

Defer To Gamora, Tell The Truth, Pretend You Remember, Freeze And Say Nothing Choice

Deferring to Gamora – You’ll say that Gamora remembers him and she’ll say that the two of you fought together. He’ll say that he didn’t fight in any way. Singing will now begin.

Tell the Truth – You’ll say that you don’t remember meeting with him and apologize. He’ll seem upset and begin to sing. He’ll remind Star-Lord of an unbreakable blood oath that they had made.

Pretending to Remember – You’ll lie and say that he has an unforgettable face which leads to him laughing at the joke and feeling relieved to which he’ll start singing.

Freezing and Saying Nothing – You’ll keep quiet and Rocket will do some annoying sipping which causes the creature to get upset. He’ll start singing and you’ll join in.

Like a Hurricane or Sweetest Lover Choice (Major Decision)

Hurricane – Both men will sing along.

Lover – You sing and everyone stops. He’ll get mad and tell you to get it right.

Cherry Lips – You’ll sing about kissing cherry lips which enrage him because he doesn’t like it when people talk about his lips or lack of them. You now have a new nemesis that you’ll eventually fight and kill. No coupon is awarded this choice.

Through the Rain – You’ll get a notification that you salvaged the forgotten friendship you had with Lipless. You’ll get a coupon that’ll let you visit the collector’s emporium for free.

Buy The Disabler Or Refuse The Disabler Choice (Major Decision)

Buy – You’ll get a notification that you’ve bought a black market device that can disable the Nova Core device.

Refuse – You’ll say that you’ll let your Tech guy make the choices to which the dealer will say to send him over when you can.

Lets Play Or No Thanks Choice

Play – You’ll play a game where you guess where the ball is and if you’re lucky, you’ll get 1,000 units. He’ll then ask you to play another round.

Refuse – You’ll walk away without having played and the brain will get very angry and scream at you.

Play Again – This’ll cost you 1,500 units and he’ll cheat you out of your money so just walk away.

Play Slots Choice

Spend 500 units and hit the jackpot. Unfortunately the machine malfunctions.

Check On Drax Or Focus On The Rift Choice

Check Drax – You’ll ask Drax if this is what he came to check out. He’ll say no and that he came here in order to remember his family. The two of you bond on having family dying for no reason.

The Rift – You’ll ask Drax about his thoughts on going through the rift. You’ll both bond due to your losses. This prompt another choice to make.

Disagree with Drax – You’ll say that your mom’s in heaven and that she was a good person. Drax will ask to be left alone.

Probing Drax – You’ll ask if that’s why he came up here and he’ll say yes, in order to talk to them.

Important Or Enemies Choice

Important – You’ll ask what she means and your mom will tell you how he was the king of a world and an amazing leader. She’ll tell you that you’ll be just like him but being a leader will never be easy. She’ll then say you’re both being watched.

Enemies – Your mom will tell you about your father’s people being at war which prompted him to leave Earth so it won’t reach Earth. The dog will start barking and she’ll explain that your father gave up on his life on Earth to protect his people, but now something is coming.

Guardians of the Galaxy Chapter 7 Choices

Defuse The Situation Or Push Back Choice

Defusing – Star-Lord and Rocket argue until Cosmo appears.

Pushing Back – Still arguing.

Sell Out Rocket Or Stick Together Choice

Selling Out – You’ll say you had nothing to do with Rocket, that he quit the Guardians and the two of you argue. Cosmo knows about Nova Rock and also has issues with that place.

Sticking Together – You’ll say that it’s just a big misunderstanding. Gamora then explains that they’re investigating Nova Rock.

Red Or Yellow Power Supply Choice

Red – You plug it in and the doors open. All of you get flung out towards space and do some quick-time events.

Yellow – Same as the red but you touch the green thing.

Sweep The Leg Or Ride The Stars Choice (Major Decision)
Sweep The Leg Or Ride The Stars Choice (Major Decision)

Sweep The Leg Or Ride The Stars Choice (Major Decision)

Sweep the Leg – Gamora will remember this phrase.

Ride the Stars – Gamora will remember this phrase.

Question The Math Or Do The Math Choice

Questioning the Math – You’ll say that it doesn’t prove anything and the dates just match up. You then have the team keep looking.

Doing the Math – You’ll say that it’s possible because of the dates matching up. You then have the team keep looking.

Confess Or Deflect Choice

Confessing – You admit that the creature might be the one that you may have released.

Deflecting – You’ll say that Rocket is right and you have no idea if that is the creature that you may have released.

Guardians of the Galaxy Chapter 8 Choices

Distract Raker, Feign Interest, Support Gamora Choice

Distracting – You’ll say that he’s got something going on with his face and he’ll tell you that he was disfigured during a fight.

Feigning – You’ll act like there’s too much for you to take in and that there are so many questions. Raker will tell you the whole story with Rocket messing around.

Supporting – You’ll coverGamora but are curious about the energy.

Now for more choices.

Something about her – He’ll talk about the second divine vessel and how they couldn’t revive his son.

Something about them – You start to wonder what he meant.

Something about him – He’ll tell you about his son and his death and he’ll tell you the “he” is the divine vessel of this church.

Another set of choices.

Admiring – You’ll admire him for his dedication to his spiritual mission.

Faking a Heart Attack – You try to do a bad fake heart attack performance.

Rethink Choice Or Accept The Promise Choice

Rethinking – It’ll play out the same as when you saved your mom but this time you have to break free.

Accepting – End of the journey.

Play Along Or Come Clean Choice

Playing Along – You’ll say that didn’t forget anything and will now have to set everything up.

Coming Clean – You’ll say you forgot and are told that you promised to set up the birthday party.

Guardians of the Galaxy Chapter 9 Choices

Focus On Bounty Or Identify With Glory Choice

This choice is unavailable if you tried to sell Groot.

Focusing – You’ll pay more attention to the price and offer to pay even more.

Identifying – You’ll him about his cool Mercenary name. He’ll make fun of you for being weak and he’ll start explaining about the lethal legion.

Computer Choices Choice

 Reject Conclusion Or Share Intel Choice (Major Decision)
Reject Conclusion Or Share Intel Choice (Major Decision)

Reject Conclusion Or Share Intel Choice (Major Decision)

For this part, report a crime, past crimes, and offer to pay the fee to move on.

Rejecting – You’ll tell the Worldmind that they aren’t all-powerful and try your best to get to join your side in order to stop the enemies but ultimately fail in doing so.

Sharing – You’ll them about how you escaped their ship and that you could share with it the intel you’ve got. The computer will then doubt that you’d share anything of value. This option will trigger the Worldmind to appear alongside the Guardians in the final fight.

Now for more choices.

Question Strategy – You’ll ask them where they’d even go. They won’t tell you and you’ll think that they can hide.

Appealing to Duty – You’ll say that as the leader of the Nova Core, they have a duty to protect the whole galaxy. The Worldmind will say that’s wrong and that there’s too much to risk fighting. This option will trigger the Worldmind to appear alongside the Guardians in the final fight.

Even more choices.

Calling out the Coward – You tell that they’re just running away and are scared. They’ll say that they’re not afraid.

Putting into Perspective – You’ll say that the Worldmind controls the Nova Force and it’ll explain how it consumes energy despite being a bit confusing. This option will trigger the Worldmind to appear alongside the Guardians in the final fight.

Pay Your Debt Or Leave Choice (Major Decision)
Pay Your Debt Or Leave Choice (Major Decision)

Pay Your Debt Or Leave Choice (Major Decision)

Paying – You’ll pay the fee despite the team’s chagrin. No more disabler on the ship but the Nova Core will trust you more now.

Leaving – You’ll choose not to pay the fee, Gamora reminds you about the disabler on the ship. If you didn’t manage to get the disabler earlier then you can pay for it now but if you bought it earlier then a notification will appear that since you decided not to pay then the disabler will basically be permanently disabled preventing you from ever using it.

Guardians of the Galaxy Chapter 10 Choices

Lie Or Stall Him Choice

Lying – You accept it which makes Drax happy and he’ll say that you’ll see your mother and daughter again.

Stalling – You’ll try to stall him saying that you’ve got more questions for him and Drax will understand and explain.

Now for more choices.

Fighting for the Guardians – You’ll say that you guys are family and deserve a chance, that the crew may be scared but they’ll come around which prompts Drax to believe and move on.

Appealing to Drax – You’ll say because it’s murder, they can’t accept the promise since they’re dead. Drax will say that the matriarch will bring them back eventually either way. You’ll get busted for not knowing the plan.

Call BS or Indulge Curiosity Choice

Calling it – You’ll say that you can’t give a craving name and denies naming it, explaining that it clawed through his consciousness.

Indulging – You’ll ask what it wants. Drax will say that he can also hear the voice. Raker stole the gem from Warlock.

Blame Warlock Or Blame Raker Choice

Blaming Warlock – You’ll say that Warlock is the one to blame due to his carelessness. Warlock will say that he was foolish because of his desperation.

Blaming Raker – You’ll say that Raker knew what he was doing and that Warlock got cheated.

Focus On Nikki Or Ko-Rel Choice

Nikki – You’ll explain that Nikki needs to accept that her mom’s gone now.

Ko-Rel – You’ll wonder if there’s a way to bring Ko-Rel back. Warlock will say no and Nikki needs to accept that her mother’s gone.

Guardians of the Galaxy Chapter 12 Choices

Clarify Answer Yes Or Answer No Choice

Yes – You’ll agree and you and Warlock will make an oath.

No – You’ll say that you don’t know his desires and you aren’t going to try.

Clarify – Warlock will explain and proceed to insult you.

Now for more choices.

Leaving it at that – You’ll say it’s good enough and you move on.

Confronting – You’ll say how do you know that he’s worthy of trust. He was Raker’s friend back in the day so maybe that’s the plan.

Scold Or Offer Hand Choice

Scolding – You’ll say bad dog which prompts Cosmo to bite your finger. Cosmo will say that a real friend would never bark at Cosmo.

Offering – You’ll calm Cosmo down by reminiscing about your friendship. He’ll calm down and talk to you. Pick this choice if you want him to help out in the final fight. Only this choice matters.

Now for more choices.

Indulging – You’ll say that Earth was great but it isn’t the right time to be feeling homesick. You’ll reminisce with Cosmo but he’ll say you don’t understand.

Focusing – You’ll tell Cosmo that Knowhere is his home and Cosmo will say that it’s nothing but scrap heap.

Another set of choices.

Reminding – You’ll tell him that he has a family, his puppies. You’ll tell him that they’re counting on him to get through this. You’ll tell him that he shouldn’t abandon them in space like when he was a puppy.

Empathizing – You’ll explain that you have lost your family too, how your mother died. Cosmo will realize what he’s done and release the Guardians.

Guardians of the Galaxy Chapter 13 Choices

Probe For Details Or Embrace The Ritual Choice

Probing – You’ll say that people come here in order to search for something.

Embracing – You’ll say that you’re a part of something to which Rocket will make a joke and you’ll say that it’s all about believing in destiny.

Check On Wellbeing Or Harness Aggression Choice

Checking – You’ll ask if she’s alright. She’ll say that she’s okay and then say that there might be a fair chance that Nikki’s already moved on. Gamora will then say that she hopes you’re right about this.

Harnessing – You’ll that you love the murdering spirit and that not all of them bear hostility. You’ll then ask her to lower her murdering spirit to a high seven and she’ll compromise by lowering it to a low nine.

Guardians of the Galaxy Chapter 14 Choices

Nothing really happens here except a few choices in combat.

Guardians of the Galaxy Chapter 15 Choices

Be Cautious Or Snap Her Out Of It Choice

Being Cautious – You’ll try to talk your way out and she’ll just tell you to fetch the things all over again.

Snapping – You tell Nikki that this isn’t real, none of it is and Nikki won’t believe you.

Explain Her Feelings, Try To Relate, Acknowledge Limits Choice

Explaining – You’ll explain to Nikki why she’s feeling like this, that she’s angry and hurt. Nikki will say that she doesn’t get it, that she doesn’t even care what he’s trying to explain, and that she wants nothing to do with you.

Relating – You’ll tell her how you feel but she won’t care.

Acknowledging – You’ll say that she’s right and you don’t understand whatever it is that she’s going through.

Now for more choices.

Relating Again – She’ll be more responsive than before but it still isn’t enough.

Easing Guilt – You’ll tell her that she’s why her mom is gone and it seems that it got through to her.

Blaming Rocket – You tell Nikki to put the blame on Rocket, which triggers her.

Another set of choices.

Trusting Nikki – By selecting this choice, Star-Lord tells Nikki that she is the only one who can reject the lie. Star-Lord tells Nikki that it is not her mom. Making this choice lets you move on.

Pretending Not to Hear – You say that you don’t hear anything which Nikki’s not buying. Nikki will say that there’s someone at the door and you’ll tell her that it might be something else.

Guardians of the Galaxy Chapter 16 Choices

Take The Knee Or Slow Clap Choice

Taking the Knee – You take a knee which makes the team curious about what you’re doing. The rest of the team will not kneel though.

Slow Clap – The team will do a slow cap and the enemy won’t know that it’s sarcasm.

Appeal Or Badger Choice

Appealing to Warlock – You tell him that this isn’t him. He starts losing interest in the things you have to say. Choosing this will lead to a restart.

Badgering Warlock – Making this choice will have Star-Lord reprimand Warlock, surprised that he’s become even more obnoxious than before.

Provoke Or Recall Good Times Choice

Provoking – Star-Lord continues insulting Warlock in which he manages to successfully irritate him enough for him to be approached. The enemy then transforms and attacks the Guardians as Star-Lord uses the stone.

Recalling – So, you try to convince him that he’s really not a bad guy. You’ll tell him that he is Adam Warlock and not some war god hellbent on trying to destroy the galaxy. This will lead to a game over, but, hey at least The Final Countdown is playing in the background.

And that’s it for all the choices that you can make throughout the star-studded journey. You can also check our other guides for Guardians of the Galaxy here.