Guardians of the Galaxy – Does it have co-op multiplayer?

Will Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy feature a co-op mode where your friends can play as the other heroes?

If you’re planning to pick up Square Enix and Eidos Montreal’s Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy to play with your friends, you may have to think twice. Guardians of the Galaxy may give you the impression that it features a cooperative multiplayer experience due to the number of characters featured in the game.

Now that Guardians of the Galaxy is launching just about a day’s time (October 26) on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch via Cloud, and PC, and those who preordered the game may still be wondering if it will include multiplayer, or better yet, a co-op feature. As part of our Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy guide, Here’s everything to know about Guardians of the Galaxy and its co-op mode.

Does Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Have Co-op Multiplayer?

Guardians of the Galaxy will not come with a co-op mode or even a multiplayer mode for that matter. Unlike Square Enix’s other Marvel game, Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy is a linear single-player game that heavily focuses on the narrative while giving players exhilarating combat.

While it does seem like the game has the capability to include a co-op experience, Eidos Montreal’s Senior Creative Director, Jean-François Dugas, explained why they decided to ditch a co-op mode. “We thought ‘It would be freaking awesome if you could be one of the Guardians, and put you at the center of that to be surrounded by those characters’. And this is how it came to be,” said Dugas in an interview.

Can you play as Drax, Gamora, Groot, or Rocket in Guardians of the Galaxy?

Unfortunately, no. You are only able to play as Peter Quill a.k.a Star Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy. The decision is quite evident as the game is purely linear, and with you playing the role of the leader. As Peter Quill, you make decisions for your team that may unfold unforeseen dialogue and reactions from the other Guardians, and you will witness the entire story from Peter’s perspective.

However, as the Guardians of the Galaxy leader, you will be able to issue commands to the other four Guardians, giving you combat support whenever you need it.

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy is launching on October 26, 2021, for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch via Cloud, and PC.

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